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Larry Jacobson

Larry is a motivational speaker and executive coach

Keynote Topics: Customer Service, Living & Working with Passion, Management Skills,
Business Training Topics: Sales and Marketing, Sales Training, Team Building and Coaching,

Larry is a motivational speaker and executive coach

A California native, Circumnavigator and adventurer Larry Jacobson grew up on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean sailing, kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving. A recognized expert in the corporate sales and marketing world, he was president of one of the premier incentive travel companies. An avid sailor, he has over 50,000 blue water miles to his name. In addition to authoring the award-winning best seller, The Boy Behind The Gate, Larry is a motivational speaker and executive coach.

As a motivational speaker, Jacobson shares how he made his dream come true, and the traits and disciplines needed to achieve great accomplishments in one’s own life. In addition to the importance of having a dream, he speaks about facing fears, takings risks, decision making, perseverance, passion, and leadership. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and welcomes new friends and inquiries.


University of California, Irvine B.A. Humanities and History


University of California, Berkeley Education / Teaching


NAVIGATING LEADERSHIP: Leadership Lessons Learned at Sea

As a leader in sales and marketing for twenty years, and then captaining his own boat around the world, Larry Jacobson speaks with a unique authority and credibility. As a leader and adventurer, he weaves tales of his six-year odyssey circumnavigating the globe with the challenges of leadership in our fast-paced business world.

There are similarities in leading your crew while facing 30-foot walls of water slamming into your boat in a horrific Red Sea storm, and leading in your company. It’s lonely, scary, and it’s easy to want to make it all go away. Making your dream of sailing around the world come true doesn’t happen by luck, but by good leadership and visualizing achievement.

Like sailing around the world, leadership is making decisions, taking risks, maintaining a good attitude, facing fears, staying focused, and digging deep for strength and perseverance.

Larry Jacobson used these same traits and business disciplines to close millions of dollars in business, and to complete his circumnavigation. From high-tech to home products, Larry understands sales cycles and distribution channels, and what it takes to close sales in just about any industry. His keynote is the perfect fit for any sales meeting, conference, or incentive program.

Leadership begins when anyone decides to be their best and Larry challenges each listener to do just that: Achieve Unstoppable Performance in Leadership.

In this keynote that’s the perfect fit for any sales meeting, conference, association, or incentive program, your attendees will learn:

How to feel comfortable taking risks

How to recognize fears and use them to their advantage while in a leadership role

How to make decisions more promptly and effectively

That without dreams, leaders have nothing to lead to

The importance of goal-setting as part of being a leader

That tenacity is a skill best learned from practice

That a leader has to lead all the way to the final conclusion.

NAVIGATING SALES: Achieving Unstoppable Performance

What stops many salespeople isn’t lack of skill, education or talent.

It’s fear. Fear of making that next cold call… or of finally presenting to that big prospect they’ve been chasing.

It can feel like facing a 30-foot wave in a storm — lonely, scary, out of control.

Larry Jacobson knows all about that kind of fear — and what it takes to turn it around and achieve the success of your dreams. After 20 years in the sales and marketing world, he spent six years circumnavigating the globe in a sailboat. As a sales expert and adventurer, Larry draws instructive and entertaining parallels between tales of his odyssey at sea and the challenges of selling in our fast-paced business world.

Sales is the driving force of every industry and the lifeblood of every business. Like sailing around the world, successful selling calls for decisiveness, a tolerance for risks, staying positive no matter what, maintaining a laser focus, and a strength and perseverance that come from digging deep inside.

Cultivating these skills is what allowed Larry Jacobson to close millions of dollars in business and complete his circumnavigation — fulfilling a childhood dream against all odds.

Larry understands what it takes to close sales in just about any industry, from high-tech to home products. But he also knows that success in sales, just like any endeavor in business or in life, isn’t about knowing “tricks of the trade;” it’s about making a decision: a commitment to be your best, regardless of the circumstances.

Larry challenges each listener in his audience to do just that: Achieve Unstoppable Performance in Sales.

In this keynote that’s the perfect fit for any sales meeting, conference, or incentive program, your sales people will learn:

How setting goals can increase their sales

Why taking risks is necessary in sales

Why fear is nothing to be afraid of

How to keep a good attitude in spite of adversity

How important perseverance is to their careers

Living Your UNSTOPPABLE Life!

Very few people achieve the status of circumnavigator. In fact, twice as many people climb Mt. Everest each year. Yet Larry Jacobson decided as a 16-year-old boy that sailing around the world was what he wanted to do — and he never let go.

There were many times before and during his challenging six-year odyssey that he could have quit and jumped ship, as so many do. But he didn’t.

Not only that, but he accomplished another goal many people dream about but never do: He wrote an award-winning book about his experience.

Larry Jacobson has always strived for and achieved great endeavors because he knows how to make dreams come true, no matter who or what tries to get in the way. It’s this quality of being unstoppable and refusing to settle for less than your best that makes the difference between mere existence and living the life of your dreams.

In this keynote, Larry inspires his audience to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of honoring their own dreams and transforming them into reality.

In this keynote that’s the perfect fit for any sales meeting, conference, association, or incentive program, your attendees will learn:

How to turn dreams into actionable goals

How good things in our lives get in the way of great things

Why staying focused is so critical

The importance of giving

How to mark the worth in every day

How to live life with Love, Laughter and Passion Join Larry for this inspiring, empowering and entertaining keynote that will have your audience remembering and recommitting to what’s really most important to them.

Make Passion Your Priority

The hottest topic going. From TEDx talks to corporate meetings, making passion your priority is now Larry Jacobson’s single most requested speech. Larry opens his heart to tell the story of discovering his passion for sailing at the age of 13. Then he jumps right in to the lives of the audience and how important passion is for them, how to find it, and how it can improve the quality of their work and personal lives. By interviewing the hiring client beforehand, Larry is able to weave his tale of passion into the work lives of the audience with great effectiveness using stories and slides from his 6 years of sailing around the world. Humor, emotion, and passion are keys to delivering this keynote and Larry Jacobson has them all.

The 22-Minute Keynote

How much of your audience is still listening after 22 minutes? After giving two TEDx talks, Larry Jacobson is convinced that you should be able to say what you want within that time frame. By doing so, you’re guaranteed the audience is still listening and absorbing. By carefully crafting each and every word, not beating around the bush, and making every sentence count, Larry believes he can accomplish the job in 22 minutes. TED talks are limited to 20 minutes, and Larry adds 10% in order to make his points with emphasis.
Of course you can ask Larry to give a 30-minute keynote, which he also believes works well for a time frame. And yes, he speaks for the typical 50-minute keynote as well—and very effectively. However, when planning your event, consider the 22-30 minute option. It works.

“Larry Jacobson tells an exciting and inspiring story about how he overcame many challenges to fulfill his passion of sailing around the world. His message of “making passion your priority” sent my mind spinning about all of the things I was inspired to accomplish! Larry’s presentation was delivered with energy and passion, and was very motivational.”

Tracy F. Newman Director, Institutional Advancement, Los Rios Foundation, Los Rios Community College District

It was my pleasure to hear Larry Jacobson speak at the 2013 CASE District VII conference in March where his topic was “Make Passion Your Priority.” He was one of our opening speakers and what a way to kick off our conference! The conference theme invited attendees to shake things up and reinvent themselves in order to better serve their institutions in an ever-changing environment. Embracing even minute change is not easy. However, after Larry’s presentation, I felt like I should just go for it! Take on life and my work with all of the gusto I could muster. This speaker was inspiring, thought-provoking, and, frankly, fun! Larry helped to set the stage for the rest of our conference – he was exactly what we needed!

Theresa Davis Chair, CASE District VII Conference Associate Vice President California State University, Fullerton

“Larry just knocked it out of the park! It’s been wonderful to have him as a keynote speaker during our event!”

Peter Oakes / CCD Expo

“Larry does the best job of targeting the audience, no matter where he speaks! His story is universal and has a message that anybody can benefit from.”

Kari Hagensmith / audience member

“WOW! Larry just brought the entire world into our conference room! He inspired our managers & directors to better handle challenges that we face on a daily basis. I wholeheartedly recommend you invite Larry to speak at your meeting, whether it’s big or small. Let him share his story!”

Marcelle Epley / Senior Vice President, LB Transit

“To hear Larry speak about his adventure has made me even more motivated to go out and do something GUTSY!”

Sonia Marsh /

“Larry’s motivating, charismatic, humorous presentations are captivating! He is an encouraging speaker & writer. Larry’s writing is graceful and real, heartening and helpful; an adventure. How brave to do it; how brave to share it!”

Leslie Bevans / audience member

“Stellarpresentation. Inspiring!”

B. Canepa / audience member – “Larry is perfectly suited to all kinds of corporate audiences, where there’s an emphasis on persistence, tenacity, and overcoming fears. He is an excellent choice for people who face their own challenges every single day.”

Mary McKay / Speaker Marketing Specialist,

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