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Kristin Mackey

Kristin is invited to keynote large conferences as well as conduct executive leadership retreats.  Her unique approach to teaching has attracted United States media coverage as well as in the Caribbean Islands.

Keynote Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Change Management,
Business Training Topics: Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Public Speaking, Time Management,

Kristin Mackey, Inspirational Speaker/Transformation/Change Expert

Recently named by Training magazine’s as “One to Watch” in 2010 and was featured in the July, Aug issue of Training Magazine.

Kristin is invited to keynote large conferences as well as conduct executive leadership retreats.  Her unique approach to teaching has attracted United States media coverage as well as in the Caribbean Islands.

She has successfully lead seminars for groups ranging from 8 to 500, for hundreds of organizations and thousands of people, including Lockheed Martin, Mercury Media, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, Children’s Trust, Rowan University’s Management Institute, Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Underwood Memorial Hospital and TCI Bank Limited as well as many others with outstanding feedback.

As a consultant for Fred Pryor Seminars, she was ranked first among 250 speakers worldwide for her work in teaching conflict resolution.

As a consultant for Franklin Covey, she facilitates several key programs including The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Kristin has also been hired by Careertrack, AMA (American Management Association), ProEdge Skills Inc. and The Nyman Group as an instructor with exceptional satisfaction scores.

Prior to her current work, she was a director for a large health care system. She introduced progressive programs and implemented extensive internal changes. 

As part of her goal to build a culture of service, she delivered two key milestones in the enterprise’s 5-year strategic plan and increased key performance metrics. Kristin also conducted regular media training for award-winning physician authors on national television and radio book tours.

Kristin was instrumental in planning and executing The Radio Only Management International Conference with Peter Drucker to prepare radio General Managers for change.  It was the most attended conference in the program’s three-year history.

She co-authored the custom e-book, I AM Worthy of Greatness with success coach Scott Baker to encourage transitioning youth (who aged out of the foster care system) to follow their dreams.

This resource is now being used in several high schools and distributed to a Florida juvenile detention center. Some of her published articles include True Inspiration and Personal Transformation and Embrace Your Wingspan.

Kristin supports organizations such as SOS Children’s Village and Painting for Charity in London.

B.A. Communications, Rowan University

FranklinCovey Certification

Fred Pryor Certification

Next Generation Leadership:

Next Generation Leadership is about the ability to tap into, harness and direct ENERGY toward a vision with a desired outcome or result. I help individuals; teams and organizations do just that; ignite, direct and maintain their energy flow to meet everyday challenges with excellence and enthusiasm. I go beyond mere “adaptability”. I know energy. Learn what it takes to be the kind of leader the world needs NOW.

Team Building Excellence Made Easy

Ah, if we can only all get along…….you can! When a team has an opportunity to put real issues on the table, roll up their sleeves and address challenges (as one unit) an intangible sort of magic happens. Perhaps you experienced this on one team or another. Its the way the team just CLICKS.

This workshop helps with the click. It does this with its playful yet highly effective design for fostering authentic communication, honesty, personal and professional skill-building for behavior changes and results that feel well, like magic.

A team can achieve anything with synergy. It does not have to be that hard, actually KMack workshops are designed to be fun.

Time and Energy can be become scattered without FOCUS.

Energy can lose steam if a group’s resonance dismantles. Energy comes easily where there is PASSION

Micro Changes for Macro Transformation; True Transformation occurs when information influences personal behavior.

This workshop encourages individuals and teams to communicate and relate differently, find solutions (taking the small steps that lead to BIG change) and share resources for the betterment of the whole.

The program focuses on helping participants understand that it takes tenacity, follow-through and self-honesty in order to ignite, direct and maintain passionate energy toward a particular vision.

I target the unconscious fears, former beliefs and habits that can thwart the best intentions on an individual level which in turn impacts the collective. By playfully working with her unique method , folks learn that we can transform anything more easily and still enjoy the entire delicious process!

Move the Room and Train the Trainer…Master public speaking!

Move the Room is a workshop designed to help members at all levels effectively convey a message with authority, clarity and style.

Offering insight, tips, strategies and feedback on how to effectively communicate to a group while also addressing the challenges associated with public speaking (anxiety, nervousness and more).

Delivering effective presentations is an essential skill in most professions. Communicating to groups of various sizes with poise and influence is essential.

This Move the Room workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn practical tips from a professional speaker, manage their anxiety and learn to deliver presentations with impact.

The Train the Trainer version offers additional key workshop design tips as well as trade secrets for designing and delivering an outstanding keynote presentation or full-day workshop.

I AM Worthy of Greatness – for young adults

This workshop was especially designed for young adults to create lives they love!…it is based off the free ebook, I AM Worthy of Greatness by yours truly and Scott Baker – a book custom-written for young adults who aged out of the foster care system. It focuses on Kristin’s three key phases toward uncovering our potential and living a life we deserve, used in her own coaching sessions: healing, clarifying and creating a life we love!

“She was absolutely captivating. The best instructor I’ve ever had!”

– Evelyn McBride, Casino Control Commission, Atlantic City, N.J.

“Best seminar I ever attended” RC, Georgia

“She is a tremendous speaker and absolutely keeps your attention. Best speaker I have ever heard at a seminar”, CN, Alabama

“Kristin did an excellent job – she has superior presentation skills”. “She was dynamic in her presentation. She focused 100% of her time and attention to the entire class answering questions and responding to every individual attendee. I wish I could attend again tomorrow!”

“Rich conceptualization. Easy method. Direct, informative.”

“This was by far the best seminar I ever attended. Kristin was very direct and insightful and had practical useful ways for me to improve my management skills.

She was very interesting and fun and used real life stories to help expand on her tips. She also made excellent use of the time allotted for this seminar.” JS, Massachusetts

“Kristin is an exemplary facilitator and consultant. Her knowledge and experience is deep and she communicates it in a way that makes people want to learn and do better. I feel she truly cares about the success of her clients and has proven to be a good friend.”

Michael Sabbag, Vice President of Talent Management,

“Kristin has executed several corporate staff and management development seminars and retreats for our agency, each with great outcomes, strong reviews and very positive feedback from all participants. We’ll continue to bring Kristin back for new staff management development as well as for development of sr. staff retreats in 2010.

She is detailed, thorough and thought provoking to all…I would recommend her to anyone with highest regards. She will not disappoint!” – Beth Vendice, President, Mercury Media

Kristin – Our sales team all loved your presentation. Thank you for customizing such an amazing program for Laura Mercier. Best Regards, Heather and the Laura Mercier Team.

What I like best about the program was the interactive experience.. Everyone was involved. It was not the same old soft skill training. Great experience.” – Heather Burke, Mercury Media

“This was a great, comprehensive and worthwhile training that I have experienced in many years! Many thanks!.”

“This course was phenomenal and Kristin was awesome in her presentation. She taught the course with clarity, precision and with heart. I would recommend this course to all of my colleagues. I had an awesome, enlightening, personal and professional experience. I will carry this knowledge into my personal and professional life.”

“It is definitely a worthwhile course – I came here thinking, yeah like I’m gonna learn something new! I did! – Kristin is an energetic and fun teacher.”

“This presentation has been invaluable to me in honing my own presentation skills as a keynote speaker and how to create presentations within a tight time-frame”. – Kingsley Grant, MS,MFT – Helping Families Improve

“Someone finally explained how to effectively prioritize and it wasn’t overwhelming. It was a very interesting day and the time flew by. I just wish this course would last longer!”

“I loved the experience! – the content, the presenter was an overall AWESOME experience. Now I feel I have the tools to go back and work and do my job effectively. Thanks!”

“Kristin was an amazing facilitator. I learned allot from her that I can carry to my job as a trainer. Not only from this class, but also the classes I am currently teaching.”

“Kristin’s presentation was very clear and concise. She exuded much energy and knowledge.”

“This is very dynamic! Kristin, you are awesome! The content is valuable and can be utilized by everyone.”

“Kristin is a very effective, lovely presenter. She presents the information very succinctly and ensures everyone’s understanding before moving on. Wonderful day!”

“Presenter was personable, wisely responded to all comments by the crowd, was not caught off guard, energetic.”

“Kristin delivered the information in an easy and concise manner. She made the material “digestible” especially for people (me) that are resistant to changing their ways. I believe that the “tips” and anecdotal examples she gave to make the presentation her own will be the difference for my success. Thank you!”

“The chance to refocus on what’s important in my life. The presenter made it very real, as if it had been tailored for me.”

“Ms. Mackey is an excellent facilitator. She’s very focused while being down to earth. The entire training was very enlightening.”

“The presenter Kristin made all the difference. Great skills and outline of some great insight on my own skill set. Can’t get enough of what was provided.”

“Kristin is a conscious, visionary leader. She uniquely conveys the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to achieve personal and professional success. Though outcomes-focused, Kristin understands the fundamental structures and processes needed for achieving outstanding results.”

– Michele Szymborski, CPHQ, Corporate Director of Quality, The Nemours Foundation.

“I loved the energy level maintained throughout the course. Kristin you are awesome. I’d love for my wife to attend your class”

“Kristin is an outstanding speaker who’s energy is contagious. She makes you realize that you need to make the most of each and every day, be happy, be bold, choose the path you live each day and make it great!” – Mimi Rosa, President and Founder of One Little Step, Inc.

“Kristin is phenomenal…great energy and presentation” AE, Milpitas, CA

“[Kristin Mackey was] one of the most dynamic trainers I’ve ever met. Her stories drove home the points [she was making]” Mary Guy – ICI Polyurethane, W. Deptford, N.J.

“Excellent presentation – informed and motivating! Great pace! Outstanding information and resources. Thank you, Kristin!” KD, San Jose, CA

“Well organized, well presented-enthusiastic presenter!” .

“Good flow, great explanations, able to use real world situations. Kristin did an outstanding job. I was a former teacher and college professor and I noticed right away she was involved and had everyone engaged. She used real world scenarios and her own experiences to help to understand. Great job, Kristin!”

“The presentation was interesting, colorful and entertaining while at the same time resourceful and educational.”

“Kristin is very knowledgeable and engaging. Her tips and suggestions are realistic, relatable and sensible.”- Terrence Moss, Advanced Research Marketing

Excellent training. We are a complex group with fairly complex experiences and demands. Armando Corbelle, The Children’s Trust (Play Nice! Team Building)

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