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John Marorino

Keynote Topics: Corporate Creativity, Creating a Winning Mindset, Overcoming Obstacles,
Business Training Topics: Attitude Problems in the Workplace, Change/Career, Customer Service,

Strategy and Strategic Planning\n\nA three day seminar on Strategy and the principles of Strategic Planning for leaders in business or government that are responsible for contributing to the elements of both. This seminar, includes the process of determining what strategy to choose to become or remain more competitive in a robust economy. Strategy planning includes some elements of "Blue Ocean" concepts", as well as traditional and non traditional ways of strategic thinking about the present and potential markets. Including in this program is how to assemble the ingredients of a thorough Strategic Plan with examples. \n\nImplementing your Strategic Plan\n\nMost Strategic plans fail (80%) due to the lack of a credible implementation program that drives the results and achieved the strategic goals. This program demonstrates how to take the strategic plan and follow a strategic "map" to achieve the goals, and create the organization behind the strategy. This program is for any person who has the responsibility to achieve the goals of the organizations strategic plan or business plan.\n\nLeadership of the 21st Century\n\nThe Leadership of the 21st Century is designed to help participants put effective, collaborative methods of leadership to work in their organizations and leverage the leadership potential of all members of their teams. Participants focus on developing their own leadership skills and personal influence, as well as explore strategies for building a team of strong individuals who will support each other, deal with tough problems in an efficient manner, and take accountability for results. Effective leaders are those who posses the inner compass that guides their daily actions and enables them to earn the trust of their colleagues. The next generation of business executives will success by developing outstanding leaders who empower leaders at all levels throughout their organization.\n\nThis programme will help you better be able to:\n\nStrengthens your leadership collaboration within the company team\nProvides an opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world\nBuilds on the experience of other executives in similar positions in other organizations\nLeverages the knowledge of the team to embed learning in the organization at all levels\nDevelop strategies for using personal leadership power and building strong, mutual influence relationships within your organization\nMastering the Art of Selling\n\nThis comprehensive selling program is designed for anyone selling into the B to B environment, and demonstrates the latest techniques for selling into the C-Suite or organizations. During the 7 module 3 day program, participants will role play, demonstrate their product and learn how to overcome common obstacles in the process of closing a major sale. The techniques in this program are both strategic, and skill based and offers a way to gain the confidence and skills set that makes any professional in the market succeed at making their goals. \n\nService Quality\n\nThis three day program offers a six module skill based series of sessions that are designed to teach every aspect of improving customer service. Included in this program are modules on better customer communications, attitude, problem solving, teamwork, knowledge and improving overall performance. Modules may be tailored to the type of industry that the client is in, and the type of services offered. \n\nService Management\n\nThis program is designed for the management team of service oriented personnel, and consist of five principle modules facilitated over three days. This program may be tailored to internal VS external types of service and includes: Building a service culture; managing the team, setting service targets and standards, coaching and training service personnel. Often this program may include other modules that are interchangeable, including: the role of management, motivation, process improvement and recruiting and hiring service personnel. \n\nSales Management\n\nSales Managers are the key to improving the overall effectiveness of the sales team, and this 3-day program hits all the buttons of building on that premise. Included in this intense program are six modules including: the role of a sales leader; setting goals and targets that motivate the team; conducting sales meetings; coaching, training and recruiting a high performance team. \n\nInovation and Creative thinking\n\nThe role of innovation is playing an ever increasing importance in the overall strategies and performance of organizations, as they struggle with the intense competition in today's markets. Identifying and creating a "culture" of innovation, is part of this two day program, that offers leaders and managers the skills necessary to open up their minds to finding new strategies. Creative skills are demonstrated to show how the mind works to think differently and solve problems for both sales, service and strategic planning. \n\nNegotiation Skills\n\nThis very comprehensive two-day program is designed with a Win-Win strategy that keeps the relationship intact while creating a strategy for gaining on both sides. In this intensive program are six modules including: Attitude, Power, Preparation, Strategy and Tactics, and Persusiveness. Case studies and team role plays play an important part in this program to gain the confidence, attitude and skill to negotiation almost anything in life, and in business. \n\nCreating your "Culture" to map with your vision, mission and strategy\n\nOne of the most widely misunderstanding in the process of striving to meet the strategic goals of any organization is the creation of a culture that supports the vision and mission of the organization. The MERIT process demonstrates how the leadership team can develop the type of values that become the support structure of a culture that aligns with that vision, mission and strategy, to faciliate the implementation of the overall vision. Used by some of the leading companies in North America, this process studies the ten-key elements that unleash the changes necessary to create the alignment within the organization, and should be attended by the leaders and managers that need to create and support the new culture. This program may be conducted over two or three days, depending on the requirements and size of an organization. \n\nChange Management\n\nWe live in an ever changing business climate where new techniques, technologies and strategies are common day in the marketplace. These changes cause serious problems with most people, and require an attitude of change, and strategies for going through changes more important in organizations today. This one-day Change Management Program consist of a series of skill sets, video examples, case studies and role plays that can be used to process any type of change that people must go through to be successful, and produce the results targeted by the change. \n\nExecutive Leadership\n\nWhat makes a good to great leader in the modern world of business and government? This question and the answer is facilitated and demonstrated in this comprehensive three day leadership program. The three-day program moves from a process of a thorough understanding of characteristics such as "charisma" to practical leadership insights like "systems thinking" that separates managers from leaders. The role of followers is discussed that demonstrates where and how a leader gains power in any leadership role. \n\nMost of the good to great leaders start with an understanding that what you lead is "people", more than processes which is at the heart of leadership skills. The program is conducted by two senior leaders in their own right, and includes videos from other leaders in modern organizations that have gained the respect of their peers by living their vision and values. How a leader "transforms" other people is an important part of this program as well as building a succession plan for new leaders. \n\nMotivate and Compensate\n\nThis one day program concentrates on what it takes to create an environment where people become "self motivated" due to the conditions created by their leaders. In this motivation building program we discuss all the aspects of intrinsic VS extrinsic motivational theories, to the creation of processes that produce a motivating environment. Examples, videos, and case studies all lend to making this a very comprehensive program that any manager should attend. \n\nRecruit and Interview for High Performance\n\nThis two-day program is very complete, from identifying the right elements to create the profile that defines the results you are looking for, to recruiting strategies and interviewing skills using "Behavior Based Interview Techniques" found very effective in today's market. Although this program can be conducted in one day, the two day program includes role plays and team presentations that demonstrate how the process works from beginning to end, using actual resumes from the organizations own files. In addition, one of the most thorough profiling tools ever developed called the Merit Profile, offers a tool to uncover four levels of determining if a recruit is right for 1. the culture of the organization; 2. the character that fits the values of the organization and 3. the personality that maps well with the job skills. \n\nCreative Problem Solving\n\nThe process of improving service quality, process improvement or for identifying new techniques or strategies, requires a technique that looks at every possibility before deciding on a budget or persons to implement the solution. This two-day program illustrates the skills, and four step process for identifying the real issue or problem, and selecting the right solution with a plan for eliminating the problem. This program moves from case studies to actual work on live problems within the organization, and can result in a presentation by teams to executives from the organization, to demonstrate how they have produced a solution or solutions to that companies problems.\n\nCoaching for High Performance\n\nIn today's organization, coaching has become the number one tool that can improve the overall production of any department, including sales, service or any administrative function. In addition to being more cost effective, this skill improves the motivation, training and leadership far greater than any other technique in business today. The Merit Coaching process includes the skill of coaching, and a tool for understanding what to coach either through the Merit Profile for improving behavior and character, or the Skill Builder for process improvement. This coaching forum may be designed as a two day or three day program depending on the tools selected by the organization.\n\nMarket Analysis and Planning\n\nThis comprehensive three-day program is designed for marketing or sales managers who must create a market plan for their own organization or team. Used by Branch Managers of large Financial Institutions, to Product and Sales Managers of other general product companies, this program offers a unique process that builds a market plan step by step using the techniques offered in this program, and supported by that companies own VP of Marketing. \n\nEmotional Intelligence for Call Center Operators\n\nEmotional Intelligence for Service Quality Performance\n\nThis program was constructed primarily for large call centers or service personnel, to learn the technique and skill of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The program moves from an understanding of EQ to the application in the course of conducting service quality either on the phone, or direct person to person. Used by Universities like Stanford, this program is highly successful in improving the overall skills of both managers, and service personnel to improve the overall effectiveness of their service delivery. \n\n\n\n\n\n

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