Commission Compensation

MVP Seminars offers one of the most competitive compensation packages in the country with a one-time fee and low commission rates. We value the relationship with our business trainers and keynote speakers and we want to make sure their expertise is well rewarded. The table below shows our speaker and trainer rates compared to the national average of other organizations.

Keynote Presentations17.5%25-30%
On-Site Training17.5%25-30%
Breakout Sessions17.5%25-30%
Executive Consulting12%25-30%
Sexual Harassment Pubic Seminars17.5%25-30%
Spin-Off Fees(or “Second Generation Bookings”)13.5%25-30%

You be the Judge!

The MVP new member fee:

At MVP Seminars, our Lifetime Membership fee for all speakers and trainers is only $499.00. Compare that to many of the traditional speaker organizations which start at $450.00 per year and can reach prices of $850.00 per year. Don't waste your money, become a keynote speaker or business trainer with MVP Seminars.


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