When hearts, and mindsets are impacted by the change process, expectations are high and the needs are great. People have many skills that can increase productivity, but culture change is the greatest challenge. Specific skills are generally lacking in this area. For those working at companies with a history, your needs may be the greatest. Chances are you have been through acquisitions that changed the face of your culture. It was up to you to adapt and no one made it easy to do so.

Some people say it should be easy. Those people are usually several levels removed from the confusion and conflict that results from a change in delegation of authority – from self-directed teams to a culture where you wait to be told what to do. There is heart-ache in this transition because people know how it could be… but isn’t anymore. This blog is especially dedicated to you… the people at the receiving end of a change in philosophy that seems to take you backwards instead of forwards.

Profits linked directly to culture are often elusive. Some people say that “people should just do what they are told to do and we will make money”. You will probably make money, but how much MORE MONEY could you make with a different approach. What if you focused on creating a culture tied to potential instead of just meeting budget every week, month or year?