Why should your nonprofit organization consider solicitor training for your staff and your volunteers? The answer is simple – because too often we take for granted that the “people in the field” are prepared for anything that comes their way. 
Your next question may be, “I’m the manager of my staff and volunteers.  Why do you think I am not able to train them myself?”  Seeking the assistance of outside counsel to train your staff and volunteers is by no means an indication that you are not doing your job as a manager.  Instead, you should recognize that training like this through MVP Seminars as a tool in your toolbox.  By seeking the assistance of a counselor or trainer, you are in fact, doing your job as a manager.
Ultimately, you want to raisew more money for your nonprofit organization.  You need the assistance and leadership of your volunteers in this effort.  MVP Seminars provides training that will:
     –  Instill confidence in your staff and volunteers
     –  Provide needed information about the current fundraising 
     –  Provide methods for successful solicitation for all your   
        constituencies – annual fund, capital campaigns,
        challenges and more.
Consider and book a trainer today.