Thanks for staying with me through the first five parts of Simple Leadership.  Remember that simple leadership is not necessarily easy leadership.  Before we move to the sixth and final communication of this series, let us take the time to review the first five.


“L” tells us that good leaders are listeners“E” reminds us that good leaders are encouragers.  “A” tells us that good leaders advance the purpose and vision of the group/organization.  “D” represents the fact that good leaders develop others during their journeys of leadership.  “E” tells us that good leaders are emotive in that they initiate forward motion.  And today we come to the letter “R” that informs us that good leaders are risk-takers.


To be one who is a taker of risks does not mean that as a good leader you wildly jump without looking.  Good leaders take the time to consider what might happen if they do take risks as well as what might happen if they do not.  Good leaders understand that often times, the only way to move forward is to take risks.  Good leadership is about change.  If change is to come, sooner or later the leader must be willing to take risks.  Taking risks also opens the leader to criticism; especially if the risk taken is not successful.  But, as the old saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” 


One final thought:   When faced with taking risks, good leaders are not paralyzed by fear.  They have confidence in their ability to lead and understand that their job is to keep the group moving forward in order to fulfill its vision.  Be a good leader.  When faced with taking a risk, think the possibilities through thoroughly, make a decision and fear not. 


I hope you have found the series Simple Leadership to be helpful.  If I may ever be of assistance to you, please let me know.  I would count it a privilege to be your partner in the personal and professional development of those you lead.  God bless you.