Moving forward in our simple outline for simple leadership, the fifth letter of the word "leader"  is "E" which represents the word "emotive."  Most folks correctly identify this word as having something to do with "emotion."  But in addition to that, the word also means "causing motion."  Due to their influence and vision, good leaders bring about forward motion.

This forward motion is called change.  Leadership is all about change.  Without good leadership, manufacturers, churches, civic organizations and ball teams cannot move forward.  Remember, companies and organizations do not progress; people do.  When people progress, the organization of which they are a part does so as well.  Bringing about change does not happen easily or quickly.  Remember, simple leadership does not mean easy leadership.  Good leaders work patiently at bringing needed change in order to move toward the goal.  Vision leads to the goal and you can never get there without forward motion.

What motion is needed within your club, company or church?  What steps can you take to initiate the motion that is currently lacking?  Good leaders are emotive persons because their thoughts, words and actions cause motion.

Coming soon to a computer near you: Simple Leadership-Part 6