Simple Leadership-Part 4
As we continue with the simple outline for simple leadership, we come to the letter  “D” in the word “leader.”  Outstanding leaders help those around them grow and expand.  So, the letter “D” represents the thought that a good leader is a developer.
Batman did more than fight crime.  He was also busy developing the potential within Robin.  With Batman’s help, Robin elevated his effectiveness as a crime fighter as he went through the developmental process.  Batman was willing to help the Boy Wonder move to a more effective level of thinking and living as Batman helped bring out the possibilities that were already in existence.  Part of a leader’s job is to study those around him or her in search of their seen or unseen potential.  Part of the leader’s job is also to help others recognize that potential.  And lastly, the leaders job is to then bring out that potential.  But the development of that potential will never happen if the leader first does not take the time to look deeply into the lives of  those who follow.
There is much potential in those around you.  Do you see it?   Have you taken the time to consider the raw talents, insights and abilities in the lives of those near you?  It matters not whether you are a community leader, religious leader, military leader or an educational leader, there is potential all around you crying out to be developed.  Can you hear it?  Outstanding leaders are aware of the fact that perhaps their biggest job as a leader, is to develop leaders.