ADVANCE the base runner.  ADVANCE the football to the first down marker.  ADVANCE Auto Parts.  Can you guess what the letter "A" represents in the word "leader"?

Using the word "leader" as an outline for simple leadership, the third letter of the word tells us that good leaders ADVANCE the mission and purpose of the group or organization.  Through their thoughts, words and actions, good leaders accelerate growth and progress.  Stagnation is irritation to a leader.  Leaders think of change and forward movement.  Change is at the heart of a leader.  Leaders who do not initiate progress are called managers.  

What are you doing to help others advance professionally?  What are you doing to help others advance personally?  What needs to be done to advance the purpose of the team of which you are a part?  Be the type of leader who gains satisfaction from helping others advance.

Coming soon to a computer near you: Simple Leadership-Part 4, The Letter "D"