Some aspects of leadership are simple.  Remember: simple and easy are not the same thing.  But, some aspects of leadership are simple.  Returning to our outline taken from the word “leader”, this communication focuses on the letter “E”.


“E” can stand for many things in the life of a leader.  From the simple approach to leadership “E” represents the word encourager.  All good leaders need to be encouragers because at one time or another all persons need to be encouraged.  Good leaders help others come alive because encouragement helps the heart to be stronger, the mind to be clearer and the soul to be healthier.  Good leaders have the ability to leave others standing a little bit taller and feeling a little bit better about themselves and life in general.  Encouragers help others to become more of whom and what they were created to be.  Encouragers are positive persons. Encouragers help others to believe in themselves. 


There is often an unexpected benefit from being an encourager.  When a leader understands the role of being an encourager, that leader quickly learns that the door swings both ways!  In other words, often times, those you encourage become a source of encouragement to you.  What you give is what you get.  And all of us at one time or another could use some encouragement. 


To be an encourager does not require high levels of education.  It does not require great intellect or hours of planning.  Being an encourager does require a noble heart and a genuine concern for your people.  This is simple leadership.  Now, go out there and help others to hold their heads high.  Help them to have some joy in their hearts.  Be encouraged and be an encourager!