For over twenty years I have worked with survivors of sexual assault, incest and early childhood sexual abuse as a pastoral counselor.  The impact of this type of violence on victim-survivors is enormous.  When searching for reasons as to why persons are exploited in this manner the common answer is – power.  The ability and the means to victimize an individual by means of insidious design.

In his book, "Sex in the Forbidden Zone", psychiatrist Dr. Peter Rutter writes of clergy, politicians, medical doctors, chief executive officers of large corporations, or other influential persons involved in opportunistic sexual impropriety.  Rutter writes, "the male-female power imbalance is reflective of the pattern that exists in the culture at large."  Sexual manipulation (harassment) in the workplace is a tremendous problem.  Again, power is the chief reason why this phenomenon exists in places of business today.

In order to protect the power-less from the power-ful, Title VII of the 1964 Federal Civil Rights Acts and State anti-discrimination laws were put in place.

For instance, sexual harassment in the workplace includes some of the following: unwelcome verbal, physical, or visual conduct, which is offensive and or intimidating to reasonable persons of the same gender, negatively affecting job performance or causes tangible job detriment, severe, pervasive and ongoing conduct not related to  nor necessary to performance of work and is offensive to others in the environment who witness or overhear the conduct.

How great it is that the State of California has a zero tolerance for sexually manipulative behavior in the workplace.  Our State has provided a powerful platform so that the predatory practices of subjective sexual ethos has no place in the workplace.