In the State of California companies or businesses with 50 or more employees must have sexual harassment training and such training is mandatory compliance with State law.

It is also very important for companies with fifty or more employees to know that not only must their employees have sexual harassment training, their vendors must too.

"Vendors are companies that do business with you; your business is the customer of these vendors".   


 Vendors can be:

  • Service providers such as payroll services or cleaning services
  • Suppliers such as an office supply house
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • A company that supplies parts or materials

"Sexual harassment law covers the actions of supervisors, co-workers, customers, and vendors.  Depending on the action, or inaction of you and your employees, you may be held liable."

"Sexual harassment is illegal under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.  Sexual Harassment protections extend to professional relationships and independent contractors."

"Every California employee must receive a Sexual Harassment Informational Sheet at the time of hire.  California employees of 50 or more employees, including those outside California are required to provide supervisors within the State of California with two hours of Sexual Harassment Training every two years."

Developing, publishing and enforcing an anti-harassment policy provides a set of best practices in maintaining a harassment-free work environment and defending against employee claims.

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