Sexual Harassment Training and Certification Classes

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Certification Classes

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MVP seminars Sexual Harassment training and certification classes are designed to keep your company’s’ work environment free of discrimination and sexual harassment of all types. Instruction is in compliance with all state and federal laws to prevent harassment, discrimination and bullying.  You will understand harassment issues, laws, and how to keep yourself, or your company out of court.  Harassment Certification Diplomas are issued immediately after course completion.


MVP Seminars Sexual Harassment Training Includes:

  • PowerPoint Presentation : Our California sexual harassment training features over 25 color slides, detailing all aspects of sexual harassment & bullying
  • Pre & Post Testing : Details exact level of learning, before and after training.
  • Reproducible Handouts : Extensively explaining both California AB1825 ,AB 2053 and the Federal Harassment laws.
  • Interactive Lecture & Video Role-Playing : Creating industry specific examples, increases comprehension, & practical knowledge.
  • Completion Diploma & Employee Acknowledgement Of Training :Documenting attendance, professional diploma signed and dated by instructor.
  • MVP No-Charge Two Year Monitoring Program : PowerPoint, designed for updates every four months, reinforcing core material. Dated and signed by attending employees and HR.

Q & A —- California Sexual Harassment Compliance Laws AB1825 and AB2053

  1. Are all company employees required to be trained within the parameters of the California sexual harassment law?
    No, only employers conducting business in California with 50 or more employees, (including part-time or contractors) specifically in California. To be counted as an employee, the employee does not need to be physically located in California. Managers and supervisors who are located in California must be trained, with other employees optional.
  1. How often is the California sexual harassment training seminar required?
    Managers and supervisors must be trained at least once every two years. Our trainers provide all the necessary documentation and provide follow-up reminders. Newly hired managers or supervisors and people promoted into supervisory positions must receive sexual harassment training within six months of assuming the supervisory position.


  1. What criteria should we use in selecting a California sexual harassment compliance trainer?
    The regulations are very specific about who is considered qualified to be a trainer. Attorneys, Human Resources (HR) professionals, harassment training professionals, and professors and instructors who are permitted to create content and deliver the training. A valid adult California teaching credential is highly recommended. MVP Seminar providers all have Doctoral degrees or advanced employment law legal training. 
  1. Are there specific mandated requirements for course content?
    Sexual harassment training methods must include certain questions that assess learning, skill-building activities to demonstrate understanding, as well as role playing activities with common sense solutions.
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