Though Immortal Zao Yi Zen had introduced hundred different formulas for cancer treatments. But there are seven key formulas for initially treating cancer problems.  They are:

1. Hwa Du Xio Zhong Tau Li Shan (dissolve toxin, dissipate swelling, support internal powder).

2. Mi Tsun Nei Tau Chine Jin Shan (secret formula for supporting internal thousand gold powder).

3. Mi Tsuan Shi Niu Wei Niu Qi Yin (sixteen ingredients flu preventive drink).

4. Yin Zhong The Nei Han Shan (for internal cold powder).

5. Jie Du Seng Ji Shan (dissolve toxin and engenders muscle powder)..apply on interior center area of the syndrome.

6. Hwa Du Shan (resolve toxin powder) .apply around the outside of the syndrome.

7. Xue Ba Du Shan (blood uproot toxin powder).