“Sales Prevention”

Say what??  Yes, this is a rather cute play on words, since I am not talking about preventing theft, but rather sales themselves.  Frequently, when I am invited to speak to retail or wholesale or marketing companies about how to elevate sales and profits, I immediately become aware of the pervasive “limiting mindsets” that may be operating within the organization.  These mindsets, you see, are literally preventing the manifestation of sales.

For example, at a prominent west coast retailer, I was approached by a store manager who was being transferred to a new location.  Even before the manager had stepped on to his new sales floor, he expressed concern that his comparative sales figures for that month in 2009 – 2009(!) – indicted a loss of revenue.  I counseled this store leader and explained to him, simply, that was the past.  Then, exploring myriad new ways to leverage his staff, his merchandise, and his local community, we discovered numerous resources that clearly had not been tapped into by his predecessor.  And all that was available to him at the local, non-corporate level!

This simple exercise in expanding his thinking immediately generated an entire new wave of optimism with this retail store manager.  More importantly, his shift in consciousness became “infectious” as he shared the new ideas for expanding sales that month with his new staff!

The adage that “old patterns are hard to break” never entered into my thinking when working with sales personnel.  In literally a blink of an eye, an entire new way of thinking can emerge, once they are able to see that their thoughts are indeed powerful – in both restrictive and negative ways, but also in more expansive, positive opportunities.