If you are in a position that makes it likely that some of your actions could be newsworthy then you need a moral advisor. So if you are a politician, a sports icon, in theater, in film, on television, in music, or you are another kind of celebrity, then you need a moral advisor. The advisor could be a family member, a close friend, an agent, etc. – it just needs to be someone whom you can trust and someone who will not hesitate, even for a second, to tell you what you need
to hear, as opposed to what you want to hear.

Recently a former governor was convicted of multiple counts of corruption. His entire career is ruined and his family’s name will be tainted for years. How did it get to this point? Either he did not have a strong moral advisor or he did have such an advisor but refused to listen to the advice of that person. An effective moral advisor would have nipped such immoral tendencies when even the first hint of such tendencies appeared. An effective advisor would have immediately laid down the law and prevented a promising career from turning into a tragedy.

Also, recently, an entire major sports team has been put in jeopardy by its owner’s unsound practices. Where was a strong moral advisor when these problems first began to appear? Was there no such person? Or, if there was such an advisor, was it more that the owner did not respect or listen sincerely to the advisor?

In many cases of role model misbehavior, it seems money and/or selfishness are at the root of why these situations occur. A trusted moral advisor can help prevent these situations by spotting any wrong tendencies early on, well before they get out of hand. For organizations, while the moral advisor could be someone that is added to staff, or perhaps hired on a part-time contract basis, the advisor could just as easily be someone who is already on staff and just given an extra duty to be a moral watchdog for the role model. For individual role models, the moral advisor could be an agent who is associated with many role models.

So, no matter what type role model you are, it is highly recommended that you enlist the services of a strong, trusted, well-respected moral advisor. If used correctly, this person could potentially save your career and prevent you from losing much of your fame and fortune which you have worked so hard to attain.