Having the opportunity to work with numerous organizations each year and spend time on site with them and their teams is in my humble opinion an invaluable experience.  from CEO’s with no doors (literally no doors) on their office to organizations that provide nothing but healthy and balanced snacks.  The ability to see real time best practices across different industries has let me to conclude that health, wellness and fitness in not just a program or an idea but it’s an entire organization realizing that we only have one chance with the body we are given…make use of it.  To empower / educate / motivate and get employees to realize that health is their most valuable asset not only changes behavior for the best but it empowers teams to change entire organizations.  Team work and organizational initiatives that are focused and employee driven will justify all that you really want out of a wellness and fitness program and it makes it fun for the employees.  The first step is a simple one…..lets sit down and write an wellness and safety charter guide!