I was in getting a haircut the other day and a young girl asked me what had happened to my arm. As I explained to her that this was something that I was born with and had lived with all my life. Her parents scolded her for asking, and even though I told them it was alright and not to be upset at her I could tell this had angered them and embarrassed them. It reminded me how very young children when curious will ask straight out and after they get an answer that’s it, done!!! So later I remembered what my father had said about everyone has there handicaps just that for some its visible to all and for others its hidden inside but in the end it’s all the same.


More Later………Well it is Friday and just a little snow flurries, in retrospect it reminds me of the years growing up in Ohio and how much I loved the snow!! but that’s another story. To get back to the story at hand and how with friends & family and lots of encouragement I overcame my own disabilities in life and reached my goals. As a child I never considered myself different or handicapped because my family and friends treated me like any other person, they looked past the differences and encouraged me. My father whom I was most close too would bring home cars to work on for extra money and I would always hang out and help him, he would show what to do and let me wrench on the cars with him, little did I know that he was teaching me self reliance. I got lots of life lessons from my dad and for them I am forever grateful…..More later!!!  Saturday has arrived and we will have Santa at the fire station for his annual visit. Yesterday was my birthday and with each comes thoughts of those passed and special moments.


I can remember one birthday when I was six that I received a greyhound bus toy, which irritated my little brother since he got one also. Oh forgot my brother’s B.D. is the same as mine but we are three years apart. We were both born on December 2nd including the same time. We are close as brothers are but maybe a little closer since we share a common factor. To get back to the greyhound bus toy! I had rode on a greyhound bus from Ohio to New Orleans to a children’s hospital with my mom for surgery on my hand so that is why the toy meant more to me than my little brother. Funny how little pieces of your life sets the course for the future….Here we are and its Monday again and another week of work, Christmas is just about upon us so lots to do. When we last talked I was describing how with the support of those around you one can be a better person and see the goals ahead.

So as you go through your ups and downs remember that somewhere someone has it worse than you, and count the blessings and take advantage of Life Lessons to the fullest……I was discussing Xmas with some friends and we talked about our child hood memories!!  I can remember how my sister & brother and I would help decorate our front enclosed porch with lights and a fresh cut tree, then we would sleep on the roll away bed the night before Xmas eve, we had to sleep in our rooms or Santa wouldn’t come.


Those are wonderful memories and something I cherish and pass on to my grand kids….Well its Friday and the weekend, now I can finish my Xmas decorations and take grand kids to cut a tree. Funny how time seems to speed up at this time of year, not enough hours in the day to do all that you need or want done. My wife’s honeydew list is getting longer, however I will make it just like any other year. Been thinking a lot about past memories and how the past reflects the future and traditions.


Will explain a little later!!!!! Well its been a few days since I last wrote anything, but everyone knows how busy it get with the holidays. As for how reflections of the past mold the future, I remember one Xmas when I was 10 and  got a chemistry set and how much fun it was to do all those experiments, little did I know that I would again enjoy this experience in high school and thanks to having been exposed at an early age it would make it more fun and lot easier. So see the past does sometimes reflect on your future. So don’t be afraid to experience all that life has to offer.


Here it is Thursday and it is raining!! weather is not Christmas like, but then don’t have to shovel either. Have a little bit of shopping left to do and I have an engagement to speak at the Elks this weekend so looks like going to be busy, which I sort of like since fast paced seems to be something I strive at. Past pace and stress are all part of life lessons and how we handle them is whats important, take it in stride and learn to deal and you will breeze through almost any challenge set before you.


As I had said earlier in this blog that sometimes your past tends to reflect your future, well mine has in so many different ways. I gave a somewhat be it hurried talk for a local church organization over the weekend to some young teens and some of there parents. Now as I have said in the past that I do not consider myself handicapped however I as with most people do have my limitations. I have found that for the most part most children are receptive to listen to what grown ups say as long as they can be inserted into a conversation and questioned about how they perceive the information given. So for this group that seemed to work  as they interacted and asked lots of questions about my deformities and how I was able to overcome how I was judged on a daily basis growing up. Its been a few days since my last entry and Christmas has passed, a lot of family and friends commented on how it did not seem like Xmas this year and I have to say it was very different indeed.


I am not sure if it was lack of snow or the fact that they started advertising around Halloween!!! but it was not the same that’s for sure. If you have been following this post you remember at the beginning I mentioned my encounter with the young girl while getting my hair cut, well I was at the bank last Friday and ran into this same girl and her father. He came up to me while I was waiting for a teller and apologized for his daughters questions. I told him that it was no problem and that none of it upset me or offended me in any way and that her curiosity was fine and not to be upset with her for asking because as I explained to him children will ask a question get an answer and move on unlike adults.


Anyway just some thing to think about the next time you are confronted by a child. I will have a story to tell about Xmas traditions a little later,!! Well another Xmas has come and gone and a new year is yet to begin, look to your past to see your future and lets begin with a positive start to the coming year.