Stress.  Everyone has it.  You can can reduce your stress level by shifting your perspective.  Sound simple? It can be… for instance:

  •   A full week getaway on a tropical beach is not looking possible, so rethink it to a weekend away.
  •   Working out five days a week isn’t happening.  Three days a week with a good buddy is entirely possible.
  •   Repainting the living room:  Possible; hire someone!
  •   Posting three times a day on all social media while moving forward on projects.  Not possible.  Get real help or a helpful app.
  •   Lose ten pounds this month.  How about five?
  •   Hire a coach and/or enroll in a course to reduce stress and up productivity.  Doable!  Just do it:).


It helps to shift your perspective by stepping back and viewing the problem/task/relationship without emotion and this is how:

  •  Center yourself  and clear your mind with three relaxation breaths.
  •  List the pros and cons of each  aspect of the event or person involved.
  • Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen if?
  • Visualize positive outcomes with positive, doable goals.