Distant learning is very common in today’s technology based environment.The basic foundation and fundamentals of finance & accounting are needed skills for business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to successfully manage business enterprises. I combine these two considerations in my new program to provide distant learning to non-financial professionals in finance & accounting. I have developed a webinar series specifically for this purpose. This new program I call FINANCE & ACCOUNTING MYTH2MEANING 2.0. This program consists of four (4) 60/90 minute webinars that cover the following areas: Webinar I: The Basics-Foundation & Fundamentals Transforming Business Transactions to Financial Statements Webinar II:Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements The Results & The Reasons Webinar III: Planning & Budgeting The Path to Profits Webinar IV Customers Costs Cash Critical Components You Must Master for Business Success These will be exciting and engaging sessions with Powerpoints, attendee handouts and prectical exercises. You will receive a certificate of completion. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the content and deivery of these Webinars. They are priced at very affordable rates with a special promotion rate for the launch of this new program. Contact me for details and schedules. This distant learning program is designed specifically for you! I look forward to hearing from you Carl