I have taught many kind health training in my life. I do meditation, Qikong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, sparring, wrestling. Many students were very interested in participating my classes in beginning. After one week or one month, my students did not show up any more. Students are short of discipline, this is a popular situation. Qikong,- an easy, tireless exercise will be mostly accepted for general public. I now introduce six medical qikong for you. The whole routes will be able to completed in 30 minutes:
1. Qikong for benefits heart and lung.
2. Qikong for benefiting arthritis and joints.
3. Qikong for benefiting heart problem.
4. Qikong for helping liver and spleen.
5. Qikong for helping kidney.
6. Qikong for helping Triple-warmer system. Diabetes disease was caused because of triple-warming system     failed.