The mechanistic worldview of Rene’ Descartes (1596-1650) who reduced the empirical world to subject-object dualism is being supplanted by an integrative worldview.

the new integrative worldview not only sees the observable world differently – human beings are seen in a different manner too.  No longer are persons viewed as a mere “Ghost in a Machine”, (Gilbert Ryle, 1900-1976 and Authur Koestler, 1905-1983), they are seen as unitary beings.

Yakin Kaufman, M.D. said, ” PNI deals with the interactions of the mind, the nervous, the immune, and the endocrine systems.  During the last decade, the findings in neuroscience, neuroimaging and molecular biology have discovered the connections between emotions and disease, the brain and the immune systems, the mind and the body.”

Stress is a common reality in the 21st century but it is chronic stress that threatens to do the most harm.

Kaufman further states, “Today, PNI through molecular biology techniques provides evidence that behavioral/psychological factors – primarily stress – can impair immunological reactivity.  Conversely, studies in PNI have demonstrated that reduction of stress can enhance immune function in the task of protecting the body from infection, cancer, and other disease states.”

Dr. Kaufman believes that optimum well being for a person involves not only mental well being, but includes both psychological and spiritual well being.  An individual’s faith practice does wonderful things for his entire being.  Self-care is a necessary investment for all of us.

Take care of You – body, soul and spirit!