Sexual Harassment training is mandatory in the of California for companies with 50 or more employees.  Therefore, one of the most prudent and cost-effective ways that a company may protect itself from a costly sexual harassment law suit is to use Psychometric Testing.

"Psychometric testing is the field of study that measures knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits."

Robin McKay wrote:  "Broadly speaking there are two strategies for testing job candidates.  These can be classified as:

  1. Assessment for screening out high risk candidates.
  2. Assessment for selecting unqualified candidates.

He further notes that "such assessments are targeted toward the selection of entry-level, hourly employees.  Example positions are: call centers, warehouse, receptionist, administration, drivers, retail sales, etc…"

Such assessments are relatively inexpensive costing a company a fee under $40 and most of these instruments are provided on an unlimited usage license.  These tests can be taken online and will usually take about an average of 30 minutes to complete.

McKay rightly states, "that the assessments are very good at giving a snapshot of an applicant's work environment personality, mental ability, and attitudes."

The Psychometric Screening Tests are very good at telling you:

  • If a prospective employee will show up for work
  • Will they be on time
  • Will they steal (money, supplies, time, etc…)
  • Will they get angry or cause fights
  • What their attitude is toward drugs and alcohol
  • Do they have the mental ability to learn on the job
  • Their propensity to Sexual Harassment

Human Resource departments can do a great service to their companies by using Psychometric testing to screen applicants that may be high risk candidates for work place sexual harassment.

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