The Motivational Leader - On Peak Performance Leadership - The First Law - Vision

Posted on Jan 1, 2000  | Posted in

There are more than 20 Laws truly exceptional, breakout leaders inhabit and own. In this article we will discuss the first Law. Others will follow, to be posted twice each week. Brilliant leadership—whether of ourselves or of others—requires a bold, vivid and compelling vision. If we don’t know exactly where we are going, we are like a leaf on the ocean—we end up wherever the breeze of circumstance blows us. But with a clear, compelling vision, one we continuously burn in our imagination and emotions, we have a bright, constant target to habitually move towards. This vision acts like a beacon on the hill—ever present, guiding us to its singular point, while also lighting the path before us. Secondly, a compelling vision is necessary to create and excite the passion that is so necessary to sustained, exceptional action over the long period of time success requires. Vision acts as fuel to your passion and purpose in that it provides you with compelling evidence of what you must fight for: that is, your life’s greatest meaning and purpose. When we MUST have something, we will do what we have to do to get it. We will conquer all obstacles and expend all energy to achieve it. Thirdly, compelling vision provides a fertile environment and energy for your imagination and creativity, which are valuable success tools. Your vision remains fixed and certain, while it also encourages flexibility in whatever will most likely hasten your vision’s actualization. A vivid, compelling vision acts as fuel to the fire of tenacity and creativity, while it provides a clear, ever-present target that excites the passion and focus of your mind, energy and action. Vision can be broken down into 3 components: Long term vision; short term vision; and immediate vision (what we will call "stories"). Long term vision is the bright beacon on the hill referred to above. This is usually a vision whose actualizaiton will happen in anywhere from ten to thirty years. Short term visions are those that act as milestones on the pathway towards your achievement of your long term vision. They should be equally vivid, compelling, bold and specific. Immediate vision (stories) are what others recognize as your "attitude." This vision is every bit as important to leadership (of self and others) and success as is long term vision. If you habitually manage and craft your stories such that they are bright, compelling and positive, you will excite your greatest energy, focus and creativity moment by moment and will engage in high level behaviors and activities that are most likely to consistently move you closer to your long term vision's actualzation. What's more, if your immediate visions are positive and compelling, you will act as a great influence on ambitious, industrious and well-intended people in your environment. In short, they will look to you as a leader and will be influenced to follow you, perform like and for you. You will inspire and motivate them to their best behavior and action as they are compelled by you. Each day, re-create and live your long term vision vividly within your imagination. And constantly ask yourself throughout the day "what stories" you are telling yourself in the moment. If they aren't passionately positive and powerfully motivating, well, change your story. See, hear and feel something creative, motivating and inspirational in your imagination. After all, you get to choose what happens in there, right? Cheers! And great success in leadership, productivity and wealth.


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