Peak Performance & Motivational Leadership – Goal Achievement Habit #1 - Self-Awareness

Posted on Jan 1, 2000  | Posted in

Want to get the most from and for yourself? I’m talking money, freedom, respect, career, impact, influence, love, you name it—there are common traits and habits that life’s most successful people habitually employ. This series of posts will explore the 30+ habits and traits life’s most successful people intentionally develop and use. First, let’s address the monkey in the room. There are people who are naysayers when it comes to personal development, so I will address that up front. These people believe that self-reflection and personal development are nonsense. But upon examination, these people fall in to one of two groups: either they already are self-reflective and have and continue to develop themselves (and are correspondingly successful in whatever is important to them). These people already live Habit #1, but simply have not identified their habit as self-reflection and/or personal development. The second group of naysayers are, in fact, not self-reflective or engaged in purposeful personal development and this absolutely reflects in their low degree of success in what is important to them. Think of it this way: We are the only instrument we have with which to succeed (or fail) in life. You and I do not possess any other mind, brain or vehicle of action than our own. Even a computer, cell phone or any other external tool is only as useful as we make them through our skill-awareness, self-education and productive use of them. The same goes for leading other human beings. We succeed or fail at leadership only to the degree of our commitment to self-awareness and ongoing personal development. The following posts will articulate and illuminate the more than 30 habits and traits truly exceptional leaders (of self and others—after all, leaders must first lead themselves) habitually employ and make their own.


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