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Posted on Jan 1, 2000  | Posted in

It's the official first day of the Sweet 16 for college basketball and many fans will be attending numerous game events at homes and restaurants. During a time like this, fans just want to enjoy the games, eat lots of delicious food, and oh yeah have fun. Nothing can spoil fun gatherings such as these, except awful customer service at restaurants. For many fans, it is a tradition to gather at local restaurants to watch multiple games at one time. The attitudes of restaurant employees can encourage fans to come back or never return. As a restaurant owner, it is pertinent to ensure that all employees understand the company's policy on customer service. This is definitely a time when revenue for the business can increase tremendously. For instance, a business associate of mine shared an incident that he witnessed at a local restaurant during Super Bowl. Apparently, there was a party of 30 people in one area of this restaurant, so you can imagine that the bill was going to be substantial.  There were three waitresses handling this party and one displayed a very negative attitude towards some of the members in the party. As a result, the party left the restaurant and other customers did the same thing, including my business associate. To this day, that business associate has never returned to the restaurant. How can this be prevented? Employers can implement one hour refresher customer service trainings for all employees, including supervisors. These trainings can take place beginning 2 months prior to big events, such as Sweet 16 happening.  After each employee completes the refresher trainings, observe and evaluate them before the big event. There will be some that need additional training. The way that employees are trained, observed, and evaluated should always be a top priority for any organization. Lastly, when the employees deliver exceptional customer service during the big event, show appreciation. Sweet 16 is a large revenue maker, so ensure that your employees are ready to deliver exceptional customer service to keep the customers coming back for all of the sports events.    


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