Inspirational vs. Motivational

Posted on Jan 1, 2000  | Posted in

Why I Consider Myself an “Inspirational” Speaker and not-so-much a “Motivational” Speaker.
Although motivate and inspire are thought of as synonyms, there are significant and real differences between motivating and inspiring someone.
A motivational speaker tries to motivate or compel the listeners to act in a specific, certain, defined way as dictated by the presenter or the assigned topic. An inspirational speaker, moves or influences thought on the part of each individual in the audience as defined by the listener’s experiences as each applies the inspirational words to their life at that particular moment in time.
The goal or objective of motivating is to fire the listener up. The purpose of inspiring is for the listener to look deep inside themselves and become a better person
A motivational speaker pushes, drives and impels you to act. An inspirational speaker helps you to decide how to better yourself by providing examples, engaging imagery and words that, hopefully, move, stir, and arouse action.
I am more of an inspirational than motivational speaker. I am not fire and brimstone, I am thoughtful, humorous, genuine, real and insightful.
Let me inspire your sales force, workforce, whatever force.


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