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Think back to a time when you were most resourceful, productive and successful. You led yourself, and possibly others, to exceptional results.

This is a time when you felt your happiest, most congruent, confident, fulfilled and actualized as the unique and gifted person you are. At whatever is most important to you in life. This would most likely be a time when you'd accomplished some great and important goal or life milestone.

Where in your body did you feel your success, congruence, power and joy? Many people feel this in their chest, their heart or their stomach.

Where do you feel it? What does it feel like? Feel it now and describe it to yourself. What sensations are associated with this feeling? And where in your body do you feel them?

What do you see, hear, sense and feel when you experienced your greatest sense of personal achievement, efficacy and success?

Did you smell or taste anything? This may sound silly, but our olfactory sense is powerful and can elicit equally powerful feelings and memories. Describe to yourself what you felt while in your most congruent, powerful state and see, hear and feel it right now in perfect detail.

Now multiply that feeling by a factor of two. Then dial it up even higher. And higher. Feel how you have the power to access and dial up (and down) this feeling in your body and mind at will.

Imagine yourself right now with even more than your wildest dreams come true. Life is incredible. It couldn't possibly get any better than this. How will you spend your days? Imagine how much fun and how rewarding your work will be. Picture all of the free time you will have to spend with your family and to travel. You live in a home you never would have imagined you could afford. Life is beyond perfect.

Keeping this feeling alive and vibrating inside you, think now of your greatest dream for your life? Get the specific images, sounds and sensations your will get when you achieve this dream.

Your fulfillment, success and achievements in life will correlate with your ability to consistently inspire, motivate and guide yourself to discover, access and consistently tap into and optimally use the passion in your heart, the power in your mind and your connection with and ability to persuade, build relationship with YOURSELF and OTHERS.

Never under-estimate the power of passion.

Think now to something truly exceptional any human being has ever purposefully accomplished in life. Art, science, business, athletics, you name it. Anything truly remarkable that any person has ever done (or will ever do in the future for that matter). One of the common denominators and necessary ingredients to that exceptional accomplishment was passion.

With passion, we will figuratively move mountains to achieve our goal. We will engage in the long-term, sustained, peak performing behavior necessary to success. And we will storm through, over and past obstacles in our path.

Without passion, we will crumble early and easily when we encounter inevitable obstacles.

This is important: you must consistently connect with and move yourself if you hope to move yourself to the manifestation of your potential, dreams and goals.

The truth is, most all of us get so caught up in the craziness, responsibilities and stress of daily life, that we lose touch with our mission, our passion, our purpose and our greater vision. You must keep the passionate congruence and certainty you felt in the above exercise alive in your body, spirit and mind all day, every day.

Keep the fire of passion alive and burning strong in your spirit and body every moment, every day. And share your fire, your passion, with others. Inspire them to be their greatest self. Inspire them to join you on this mission to greatness in life.

Give to others more than you expect from them and much more than you accept or take from them. Give constantly and selflessly.

And celebrate each moment, each day, you are granted here in life. This will attract the people and results that will accelerate your success curve; the realization of your potential, your dreams and your goals.

And if all of this strikes you as "too touchy-feely" or too emotional, I encourage you to try looking at this from a different angle, a different perspective.

Science has shown that we are most productive and perform at your highest potential and for the greatest frequency, duration and quality, when we find great meaning or purpose in what we are doing.

Science has also shown that when we attach great emotional meaning to something, it acts like a turbo-charger to the facilitation of new habit, behavior and skill.

Common sense and intuition alone tell us that people that achieve great things do so, in part, through the attachment and habitual experience of great motivation, inspiration and personal meaning.

Life presents us with constant obligations, activities, distractions and stressors. It is up to understand the one instrument we have with which to succeed in life: us. Our brain, our mind; including our emotional and mental states.

Seek and gain constant mastery over your one instrument of fulfillment, achievement and success. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of circumstance and personal limitations.



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