Impacts of cultural traits

Posted on Jan 1, 2000  | Posted in

People often talk about cultural diversity in the workplace, but it’s clear that most people do not understand the criticality when it comes to making a workplace truly culturally sensitive and effective. Most people think of a culturally diverse workplace to be one where the workforce includes employees of various different cultural backgrounds and where employees are able to work in a harmonious environment. It is certainly a good thing for an organization to have a culturally diverse workplace that seems to be working well. However, the questions is: do we really know if the organization is being truly effective in maximizing its work output? Here are a few cultural traits that give an idea of what I am talking about: ·         Some employees grow up in an extremely “perfectionistic” culture – do we really understand how an employee can become too much of a “perfectionist” for the overall success? ·         Some employees can come from a culture where it is not acceptable to make a mistake. How can that impact overall effectiveness of an organization? ·         There are many employees whose cultural backgrounds do not allow them to accept constructive criticism/evaluation that can be extremely valuable for their professional development There are many other traits like these that can have an impact on the overall effectiveness of a culturally diverse workplace. That is why it is critical that employees and their supervisors are well acquainted with characteristics of this nature so they can act most appropriately.


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