Conflict Management Is Changing In The Workplace

Posted on Jan 1, 2000  | Posted in

When issues arise, and they do daily, what are some factors to be considered. As the complexity of life grows, so does the diversity we encounter in our daily interactions in the workplace. The question then arises how prepared are we as individuals, employee's, business owners and companies to mitigate the conflict no matter how small or large the issue looming is? Today's reality is that the workforce enviroment is calling for a change in the attitude of its leaders. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to fill positions with skilled employee's, making it essential to retain and nuture existing skilled employee's. People change employment so often now that a common core problem expressed by many managers and leaders is that they never have enough time to build lasting cohesive teams of employee's. Those who are available in the workforce are now more diverse than ever, and because of the difference of culture, race, and influence it is causing leaders and managers to have to find new creative ways to lead, manage and inspire their workforce. Leaders and managers should want to foster an ongoing spirit of open conversation at every level with its employee's especially when it comes to Conflict and how it should be handled. Setting aside time to discuss, shape and create organizational structure as it relates to Conflict Management is one major part of a combined solution to this problem. Conflict


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