I have been wanting to say something for a long time. To be sure what I want to say has validity, I have spent many months thinking about and researching my thoughts. I want to be extremely sure what I have say is correct.


I have reached the point that I believe what I want to say is correct and valid. However, I am not going to say it or put it on paper. I know I’m guaranteed free speech by the First Amendment of our great United States Constitution. Over the last half of my life the First Amendment has been bastardized by a from of cancer called political correctness. You can no longer express your feelings or thoughts even though they may be totally true for fear of offending someone. I will use myself as an example. I am short, bald and have a big feet, which is painfully true. Nobody tells me to my face these truths. They might say I’m vertically challenged, follicularly challenged, and have a acute podiatry problem, If someone actually were to say that about me and decide to run for president 50 years from now he could be in deep dodo. If the press dug up such a statement that candidate would lose votes from all bald short people with big feet.


So I am not going to say what I have to say because I might offend someone even though it might be good that they be offended. Being offended is an opportunity for self examination and improvement if you’re so inclined. The world will miss out on my perceptive thoughts.


I would like to end this with something witty. Did you hear the one about a Catholic, Protestant and a Jew who went on a fishing trip? I am sorry I can’t say anything about it. The fish might be offended.