“We play to win.” That’s the message of the new website for the Core Strategy Group , a strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping companies succeed through the insurgency model for business and politics. The approach borrows from revolutionary and highly innovative companies and helps leaders win in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

“We base our model on the insurgent companies, political leaders and military forces who rewrite the rules in their domain,” says Chairman Scott Miller. “It’s similar to the way coach Bear Bryant described great football players: ‘….mobile, agile and hostile.'”

“Every successful business leader today must embrace and ride ahead of change.” adds Vice Chairman David Morey. “You must position yourself against the marketplace incumbent and show how you are different, special and better. Playing offense is the new way to win.”

Core Strategy Group helps companies with strategic communication, brand development, marketing and crisis management. Their insurgent model helps companies adopt an underdog attitude and strategic framework proven by financial performance and result.

“We focus and leverage the job marketing must do — using insurgent strategies and tactics to create efficient, profitable growth,” said Craig Binkley, the firm’s Chief Consulting Officer.

Vice-Chairman Morey summarized: “First, this is different from any other business model operating today. Second, it works. It’s helped elect presidents and add billions of dollars in market value.” Scott Miller and David Morey describe this model in their award-winning book, The Underdog Advantage,” available on the new website.

Core Strategy Group has offices in Atlanta, Washington, Los Angeles, New York and Istanbul.

About Core Strategy Group

We are dedicated to helping companies win — using our insurgent strategic approach to grow profitably. We deliver provocative points of view and actionable solutions across a range of industries. Everything we do is geared to driving growth for our clients and helping them win in the market. We lead, support, or even completely integrate with your team to create breakthrough strategies and plans that work.

Core Strategy Group in the News

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