The cosmic joke played on the medical profession a few years back resulting from the genome projects failure to produce the amount of cells in the human body as promoted thru the Darwinian/Newtonian era, now shows why you can’t be a victim of your genes any longer. The new epigenetic theory so profoundly uncovered and now being the start of the new biology of the future, has many physicians scratching their medically constructed minds of the old era.

Genetic determinism is a thing of the past as theories go and now the fact, that a gene cannot express itself without an environmental signal thus partially describing the Quantum Physics theorem, is why we trainers must regroup. Bruce Lipton PhD and cell biologist so fluently has shown us why we had better start to train our minds through Perception awareness and belief reprogramming to help us realize the power of our minds. That’s right I said minds as plural since each of us have two of them to deal with. The conscious and the subconscious mind are the two. The mere fact that we spend 95% of our life in the second is where we need the most work with. We through perception and belief rewriting or programming is where the new paradigm of training had better take us. It will be the new pills of cure for the future both mentally and physically. Its the answer to one of the papers I wrote in the past about motivational speakers really making a change or not.

The fact that MTI and I have been actively training the subconscious minds of thousands of business, science everyday folks and educational professionals to improve a persons memory has taken me deep into the review and research of the above mentioned epigenetic theory. We truly have the power to heal within our minds and as Jesus even said, “You too can do these miracles if you only believed”. The combining of science truths and faith based belief is coming closer to fruition every day. If you will YouTube Bruce Lipton and his biology of belief or new book “Spontaneous Evolution”, you will see where we are headed when it comes to new training paradigms.

The mere fact or biologically proven truth that I can change my mental health and physical health through perception and belief reprogramming shows why this Mnemonic dance we at MTI have been shuffling across America for the past 21 years works. What we have been given in exchange for a more precise and efficient mental acuity through memory empowerment is a simple reprogramming of the subconscious perceptions and belief systems programmed in us by our parents, family or educators in our life.

MTI will continue to learn and use more tools to expedite the epigenetic theory or wave of biological paradigm switch to improve our health and mental systems we now teach in our training workshops. Mindfulness based stress reduction is paramount to achieving the balanced mental and physical life Bruce Lipton describes.

Harold Mangum President/Psychologist Memory Technologies Institute