The last blog in this series was on passion. Purpose cannot exist without passion, while passion can, and often does, exist without any relationship to purpose. Purpose is that thing for which you feel great passion and for which contributes significantly to the sustenance, growth or nurture of other people or to life.

For example, let’s pick a rather unique purpose. Let’s say you feel great passion numbers; for accounting in particular (I know, seems kind of freaky and boring, but there are folks who get excited by these things). Accounting may well be your purpose, if you feel great passion or it and because it most certainly can contribute significantly to people, either directly or through corporations, which employ people, fuel the economy and provide us with food, shelter, and vehicles with which to express our gifts, ambitions and own unique purpose. Or you might feel great passion for medicine, or ecology, or engineering or art, all of which can be used to great purpose to serve humanity.

If you have a hard time discerning whether or not you have a purpose and what that purpose is, I encourage you to follow your passion (the subject of the last blog) and discover where your passion intersects with the nourishment of other people.

Purpose is necessary to fuel the habitual and sustained focus, intention and action – that is, peak performance – necessary to greatness or exceptinoalism.

Purpose defined Martin Luther King’s life; Gandhi’s life; Jack Welch and Steve Jobs lives.

Our purpose is our greatest potential motivator.

Success requires sustained peak performance and exceptional results over the long-term, because success is never a short-term proposition. Life is a contact sport that goes all four quarters. Winning means playing all four quarters, full out, while constantly learning, growing and contributing significantly to human beings. Without passion, we will lack this sustained, long-term energy. With passion we can sustain the high-level, directed energy success requires. The passion associated with our purpose is the greatest possible fuel to execptionalism. It pushes us through life’s inevitable obstacles. It is the spark to the imagination, the creative mind. It keeps us habitually focused and committed to actualize its brilliance in the world.

Deep, passionate connection to Purpose is proof positive to self that we must fight for its actualization; to do less would be to live an unacceptable life. To recognize and not actualize our purpose is to have lived a wasted life, which is ultimate pain.

Access, inhabit and own your life purpose. It is a choice and a personal responsibility. We are gifted with life. We owe life our best. Craft a detailed vision of what your purpose’s brilliant actualization looks like, sounds like and feels like. Play this vision in your mind and emotions on a regular basis with you as the central actor in the vision. Know what skills, habits and actions will move you steadily, significantly towards your vision; live in this vision and act on it daily.