Parenting is a difficult full time job without any break, vacation,
recess or retirement package. The retirement benefit is raising
responsible children that contribute positively to the community
and society at large. Raising caring, loving responsible children involve lots of sleepless nights, parental involvement, several follow up, parental skills understanding and keen listening ability on the part of the parents.
It also means parents most be prepare to intervene and not give
in to their children merely because they are feeling guilt. Parental
involvement means minimal neglect of your children, letting your
children know how much you love them. Ensuring that your children
do not accuse you of abandonment or loving your career more than
you love them.

Without a happy family and responsible children, parents become
stressful, children are stressed out and parents suffer even more as
their effectiveness become questionable on the job. These stresses
translate into low job performance, lack of communication,
and easy conflict with other co-workers resulting in lost productivity.