You’re trying hard to keep up.

The world seems a busier place, and there is so much noise.  The voices of politicians, groups, family, friends, co-workers, and supervisors are all rattling around in your head.  And the noise can seem deafening.  Global warming, shootings, Mars landing, Syria’s war, elections and on and on.

Where are you in all of this?

It may seem harder and harder just to find you.


Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, just STOP.

Close your eyes from reading this blog and stop.

Allow yourself to exhale.

You are more powerful than you think when you allow the little you to get out of the way.

Stopping when you are stressed, gives you control of a busy, runaway mind.  You’ll find space, which is a relief.

In this space is where you can connect to your true self.

Allow yourself to float in this nothingness if just for a few moments.

Maybe at first you don’t feel that spaciousness. That’s OK.  Stop again.  Stop throughout the day.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.

When you take these brief vacations, you are immediately disconnecting from the world.  All of the things that are going on will not disturb you if your mind is not connecting to them.

How does your mind connect?  Take for example, you hear about gas prices going up.  Your mind jumps on it and starts carrying you away.  Your inner chatter may sound like this:

“Just when I thought I could get a break, now gas is going up again.  Food prices are going up too.  I know I paid more this week for food than I did last month.  The heat wave across the country is wiping out farmer’s crops. (a picture of dried-out corn fields pop into your mind)  They say corn is going to go up too!  Corn?  Of all things.  That means milk is going up too. The cows need corn.   Everything is so expensive these days.  The middle class is being wiped out.    Politicians don’t care about anyone but themselves.  Why can’t they get their act together?”


When you do, you will notice how you are telling yourself a story built on memory, which is the past, or worry which is living in the future.    To find peace, you need to live as much as you can in the moment.

When you take a moment to stop, you’ll find that space, that rest.   This is living in the here and now.

Don’t get frustrated when the mind creeps back and tells you.  “What are you stopping for?!  Are you nuts?  You have got things to do, places to go.  Get going!  Now!”

The mind wants control.

You may start tensing up again as it tries to pull you back into the fray.

So what do you do?

First of all, just realize the ego-mind only works on the left side of your brain.  It doesn’t understand the right brain which is the side of peace and tranquility.  So it is threatened.  It then pulls harder to get you back into thinking, thinking, thinking.

Just stop.   It’s like re-setting your personal computer.

Next, observe your thoughts.

You can’t stop your thoughts, but you can stop yourself from being pulled into the “story” of your thoughts.    Observe how your body feels when certain negative thoughts pop into your mind.  Tensing up, right?

When you find yourself filled with anxiety and stress and you are at work, or school, go into the restroom to take a moment to stop. Allow your thoughts to come, and allow them to go.  Don’t analyze, criticize or suppress them.  They’re just energy.

You can see your thoughts as balloons floating onto the landscape of your mind.  Don’t hold onto the (thoughts) balloon. Let  go of the string and let the thoughts float away.

Give yourself the luxury of relaxing into the moment as your thoughts pass. Cherish the  space between your thoughts.   More thoughts will of course come, but now you will be in charge. This type of awareness is the way to master your mind.

Take the time to Stop!