When you think about obstacles, you may think about items, things, or people that obstruct, hinder, delay, frustrate, or even stop you. You may even believe that you have to jump over, go around, go under, or knock down obstacles. Obstacles can cause fear, terror, panic, depression, shock, despair, hopelessness, dejection, and misery.

According the Merriam Webster Dictionary the very definition of obstacle means obstruction, impediment, barrier, blockage, problem, difficulty, hindrance, or complication. We all seem to see obstacles in the same light: something we want to avoid.

Despite our desire to escape them, though, we all are faced with obstacles each day of our lives. Considering the definition of obstacles, it seems impossible for us to even consider that an obstacle could be a blessing. I certainly did not see any as blessings in my youth. At an early age, I was faced with many obstacles that terrified me, devastated me, and caused great sorrow. The difficulties of obstacles can indeed cause all that I have mentioned above and more. The feelings of depression, loneliness, abandonment, and even guilt that come from dealing with obstacles can change our lives and make it difficult for us to move forward.

How you move from one obstacle to the next depends on what you believe and what you hold to be true. You can choose to sit back and feel sorry for yourself and become self-destructive, or you can decide to move forward with hope, faith, and determination. You must have the strength of mind that you will not give up and then determine in your heart and mind that you will make it through. Many times, when we go through problems, we become angry, withdrawn, displaced, and depressed. We would rather run away or just not deal with the issues. Some of the obstacles that we are faced with can even devastate or destroy us.

Obstacles can come in the form of violence, divorce, death, incest, molestation, rape, unexpected pregnancy, illness, broken relationships, loss of home, loss of job, and many other forms. In short, they are anything that causes that bump in the road, that lump in the throat, that pressure in the head, and that churn in the stomach. These are feelings of uncertainty that cause us to question how we will make it to the next day and who is in control. They are the source that causes our thinking to alter, emotions to waver, and feelings to fade.  There is hope; you can overcome your obstacles!

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