Upon first hearing of over the wall problem solving, I had thought I would be interested in exploring it in depth, but upon beginning my exploration of this problem-solving technique, my interest was immediatly drawn away. For anybody interested in learning more about this method, http://www.winwenger.com/overwall.htm and many other sites offer plenty of information.

What I learned from my brief study is that it is best if we:

Don’t try to rush the process. Having an Attitude of patient acceptance for the Over The Wall technique of problem solving is powerfully effective. This technique uses the problem solving power of the subconscious mind. When you come up against a problem or question that you just can’t work out, you can get your subconscious to present you with a solution that you may not otherwise have found.

By setting a question or problem you want to find an answer to and giving your mind a quiet place to work on and create a solution to outside of your conscious view, your subconscious presents it to your conscious mind all in one instant as a fully formed idea.
The subconscious technique of problem solving seems to contradict the usual step by step logical process of the conscious mind, which builds up solutions one piece at a time, but their goals are the same. You, in effect, dismiss the critical editing faculty of the conscious mind, for the time being. This gives you access to creative solutions that would otherwise have been dismissed or not even considered.
The role of the conscious Attitude is at least three fold:
1.    Being patient.
2.    Finding a quiet place, either geographically or mentally, where you’re not thinking about the problem. Let your creative problem solving juices flow by forcing the issue from your mind and thinking about other things. Imagine a high brick wall separates you from the problem.
3.    Once a solution presents itself, editing it and filling in missing details by asking follow up questions and analyzing the results of your ‘over the wall’ experience.
It may take getting used to, but this method of problem solving lets each part of your Attitude and infinite mind do what they do best.