For decades you have been applying the same kind of tools and processes to improve performance with varying results. Sometimes you reach your goals for change and sometimes you don’t. If you don’t, it’s probably NOT because equipment failed you. It’s because the accepted tools and processes were not designed to overcome the barriers that prevent you from capturing something that you can’t see or touch.

Potential is in a different dimension. You can’t see or touch it. It is NOT on the general ledger and is NOT equal to the budget. Budget is based on doing better than past performance. Potential is defined by the upper limit of what can be achieved, not by what is being achieved now. Equipment has a potential for performance – we call it hidden or excess capacity. People also have a potential for working with a single vision for what is possible to achieve. Tapping “people potential” is key to capturing excess equipment capacity. For people to move past their barriers and into another dimension where they actually desire to “work as one” is amazing to watch and be a part of. I have had that unique privilege, so I know it is possible to achieve. I call this dimension the “final frontier of change”.

What is stopping you from moving into a new dimension of performance? What is blocking your vision for hidden capacity? What is preventing your people from the kind of collaboration most companies only dream about? Just as you would remove a fallen tree limb from the road to keep on driving, removing the barriers to potential is the secret to moving forward and achieving your goals for change and optimization. Change is all around us – changes in technology, regulations, safety, workforce satisfaction, and strategies that deliver value in a new way. You have open minds when it comes to these challenges. Be willing to consider that “how we have changed” in the past does not meet the needs of the future.