If you work in a mining/manufacturing environment, you attend annual refresher training to increase your awareness of hazards so that you can take action to avoid them and prevent accidents. This training prepares you with skills and a mindset to "work safe".

A different set of hazards sabotage your efforts to change. Most of these hazards are excluded from change initiatives, so are often overlooked. Others are labeled as "part of the culture'" and are accepted as something that can't be changed. Virtually all of them reside in the management system – either in management processes or in the behaviors of management teams. These hazards or barriers to change work quietly behind the scenes to "steal profit", hurt culture and reduce management credibility. They are responsible for millions in losses annually.

People's lives are at risk when they don't "work safe". People's livelihoods and credibility are at risk when they don't "change safe". Maybe we need HAZARD TRAINING FOR CHANGE. It could make the difference between capturing project benefits and forfeiting them. By learning to recognize and remove your hazards to change, you can "change safe".