This morning as I enjoyed a brisk walk through the neighborhood I noticed a large, high flying bird that must have been at least at an altitude of three hundred feet.  It appeared to be a turkey vulture though it could have been a hawk or even an eagle as several have been spotted recently in the area.  For a long period of time the bird stayed in one place as its outspread wings allowed the swift wind to keep it in position.  As I slowed down to observe the bird, I wondered what it saw that I did not.

Because of its position and keen eyesight, the bird could see what was taking place in the back yards of the homes on the street to the west.  It could also see what was taking place four hundred yards to the east.  Though I could see none of it, the bird saw it all!  As I continued watching I realized that everyday there are many things going on around me of which I am not aware; there are unseen opportunities and there are unseen obstacles.   I then realized the more of which I can see and the more of which I am aware that is taking place, the better leader I can be. 

So, what can leaders learn from my morning walk?  We must seek to see the big picture.  We must realize there is probably more going on around us than we can see.  If we are to become aware of hidden opportunities or obstacles, many times we must be willing to request help from others who might have a different view than do we.  Like a race car driver on a road course, we must look not into the next curve, but look beyond it.  My morning walk was inspirational and educational.  Tomorrow, I will be more observant of what is going on around me, and who knows, maybe I will learn another lesson in leadership!