The word ‘attitude’ is from a root that means “fitted” or “to fasten, to join.”  For us, it seems we derive from this very important word that which defines a person’s mental state, emotions, or mood.  Thus the term is dynamic because it points to the dynamic nature of human life.

Some have defined an ‘attitude’ as either positive or negative as the case may be.  However, ‘attitude’ such an over simplified explanation cannot possible encompass the many veritables associated with an ‘attitude.’  What is of great importance is to examine the reality of an ‘attitude’ platform that is not merely some nebulous ‘something’ but ‘attitude’ as a meaningful dialectic not only in business, but also in ‘life’ too.

If attitude is defined as “that which is fitted, or fastened” we can therefore surmised that an attitude encompasses the biopsychosocial milieu of an individual, and that his or her attitude is the result of complex social forces.  We further surmise from the biopsychosocial profile of an individual that persons are not independent decision makers, and that culture and tradition play a primary role in decisions.  We may be accustomed to having people speak about the importance of a ‘positive’ attitude and its life benefits, but others may not. 

I wish to present ‘attitude’ as a dialectic of being.  That is, ‘attitude’ as more than a mental state whatever that  may mean.  But attitude as essential dialectic directing the inner force of life toward satisfaction.  One does not flee from the negative in order to only embrace the ‘positive.’  One understands that life encompasses the positive and the negative and all that exists between to two.  This is liberating and ‘medicinal’ because the two valued logic of western thinking has not brought many people life satisfaction.  When persons prosper in their souls they are open to others and their lives.  They do not require convincing to share of themselves.  The energy from their ‘positive’ outlook of life will be evident because they have transcended the trite mandates of ‘positive’ and ‘negative' and have learned to see themselves as beings in dynamic and meaningful movement. 

We all have information going out from ourselves all the time.  The energy that I am speaking of is electromagnetic.  According to the Heart Math Institute the electromagnetic brain waves of others.  We are dialectic in motion.  We are dynamic individuals who have invested ourselves in powerful attitudes. 

We must therefore take into account this new and emerging information about ourselves when we talk about attitude.  Attitudes that do not serve us well may or may not be jettisoned when confronted by opposing evidence. It is our language that must be healed.  Our language contains messages that connect with our neurons in mysterious ways and fosters interpretations and prejudices that keep us bound to beliefs that weaken resolve to break up beliefs that destabilize and disenfranchise the soul.

A positive attitude that may have worked at some point in the past may need to be given up entirely, or joined anew by another positive belief pattern that is appropriate to meet new challenges.  What I am calling for is a dynamic view of positive awareness that can create a crisis of change within the individual that replaces old belief patterns with new and beneficial beliefs without the appeal to the positive-negative continuum.  This is dynamic and powerful energy medicine that produces inner transformation, resilience and self-efficacy business persons in the 21st Century.