Your attitude will get you everywhere.  It is your decision where you choose to go.  That’s right.  A positive attitude will take you to heights you have only dreamed possible.  A negative attitude will plunge you to depths you do not even wish to fathom.

Several years ago I was involved in a marketing system in which leads filtered in from numerous individuals.  Even though each person had an individual web site and the leads were theoretically exclusive to that one individual, mysteriously the lead would come in to one person and another individual would receive the sale.  After a number of such incidents, the doubts crept into my mind.  Once the doubts took root and expanded, the positive attitude and confidence in the system diminished at an alarming rate.  The system had not changed.  The change was in my attitude about the system.  The more evidence which appeared to justify the doubts, the more negative the attitude became toward the system.  Despite attempts to dismiss the negative feelings, no evidence ever appeared to re-establish faith and confidence in the system.

A positive attitude overcomes many temporary obstacles and questions.  Visionary leadership focuses on creating positive attitudes.  Once a negative attitude establishes a firm grip, it requires substantial evidence to overturn it.  Neither companies nor individuals grow with negative attitudes.  Your attitude will get you everywhere; you can go up or down.  It is your choice.

Take a serious look at your life right now.  Take a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line top to bottom.  Consider your relationships: spouse, each child, boss, neighbors, friends and co-workers.  Consider your career, social life, finances, sports, community activities, religious practices, and health.  You may want to add additional of your life.  This is your list.

On the right side write every area of your life where you maintain a positive attitude.  Be specific.  On the left side, write specific areas in which you hold negative attitudes.  Examine each item carefully.  Determine ways in which you can make the positive attitudes even more affirmative.  Visionary leadership requires the maximum positive attitude possible.  Your attitude sets the direction for your life.  Your attitude will get you everywhere.

Thoughts become things.  You will always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus.  What do you want in your life?  Focus your thoughts on your vision for everything your life can become.  Establish a plan to enhance every positive attitude.

You also have a choice with your negative attitudes.  Is there a way to transform a negative attitude and convert it to a positive?  If so, design a plan and take immediate action.   If it appears to be impossible to convert the negative attitude to a positive attitude, how can you eliminate it from your life; or at the very least minimize its impact in your life?

In the case of the marketing system, I found a way to work within the system to use the parts I valued and eliminate the parts which were beyond my control.  My positive attitude about the people remained intact.  Always seek a positive somewhere in every situation.

You choose your attitude.  Thus you control the majority of your situations and results.  Your attitude will get you everywhere.  Visionary leadership requires a positive attitude.