I am constantly confronted by seminar attendees with the notion that accounting is complicated. I tell them what I firmly believe, accounting is simple if made simple! I then proceed to make it simple and challenge attendees to agree as I expose the process to them. Most eventualy agree! I use a personal checking account in many instances to make the point of the simplicity of accounting. I enjoy training Non-Financial Professionals in the Foundation and Fundamentals of Accounting. It is my passion. I structure presentations to fit the attendees with lots of interactive exercises wit and wisdom. I am not a dull accountant but one with lots of experiences, anecdotes and a sense of humor. I guarantee success measured by the reaction of attendees. I will work with you on specific requests and requirements for the training. I have over 25 years of teaching and training accounting. I consider myself an expert and have branded myself Mr. Simplcity based on considerable reactions from clients and seminar attendees that I indeed make the training simple to understand and apply. I would love to work with you to train your non financial professionals in the foundation and fundamentals of finance & accounting. You will not be disappointed! I guarantee it! This type training is needed today more than ever as businesses attempt to thrive in these chaotic times. Fewer employees in companies must have more skills to insure the success of the business. Finance & accounting are the skills most vital to non finnancial professionals in these chaotic times