On your teen’s next birthday you may in addition to or even instead of the monetary gift of a gift card or present you may want to really tell them what they mean to you. Try one of these:

1. For each year
You can take a photo from each year of their lives and write something on the back of each photo that really marked that time for you. You can write something that moved you about them that year or a great accomplishment. It can also be something that you noticed first appeared like their sense of humor or generosity.

2. Letters of their name
You can take the letters of their name and for each letter find a word that you think embodies who they are and write a paragraph or a few sentences on each word.

3. Kind Roast
You can record other people saying something nice or thoughtful about your teen. You can play it at their birthday party especially if there is just family there. It is a great way to celebrate what your teen means to a lot of people and not just you. You can do this as an answer to a question where everyone answers the same question. For example, “What is a great story you can tell about Addison that reminds you of how good a person he is?”

Your teen will of course love getting a gift card and presents to open. Who doesn’t? But when all is said and done the feeling of being loved come from sentiments like these and what a great way to celebrate someone’s birthday than to tell them you love them from the bottom of your heart.