There are management policies and procedures that were established to make it easier for support groups to do their jobs WITHOUT CONSIDERING if those groups will help maximize the performance of production departments (operations and maintenance). I believe in keeping things simple IF a simple approach maximizes a company’s potential for success. If a simple process makes it easier for a support group (procurement, warehouse, accounting, marketing, etc.) but makes it HARDER for operations or maintenance to do their jobs and/or causes production to be lower and total cost to be higher, we should be questioning our real goal. For

Corporate Nutrition Lesson # 10: Fast Healthy Snacks for Busy Lifestyles-Part 2



Fast Healthy Snacks for Busy Lifestyles-Part 2  

Dr. Steve’s Get You through the day Healthy Snacks

  Life just keeps getting busier and busier.  And sometimes even the fastest animal on the planet can’t keep up!

With a constant on the go lifestyle, it can be a real challenge to eat healthy.  My clients tell me that this is one of

  In the Summer of 1988, I was so terrified the university where I was a faculty member would find out I was treated for depression in a local psychiatric hospital that I ran away from my job, wife and children. It took five years to understand my abandonment of job and family was a manic episode. I had Bipolar Disorder. My long, difficult journey as a mental patient in Corporate America began one Spring morning in 1993 as I left a psychiatrist’s office with a diagnosis and my first prescription for lithium (one of the medications used to treat

A poor farmer heads to the local marketplace to spend the last of his money on the night’s meal.   A Goose.  Not a very big one, but it was all he could afford. As he and the goose bounced along the dirt road he heard what sounded to be a rock on the cart floor.  Frustrated and annoyed he pulled the reins on his skinny horse and stopped the cart to get rid of the rock and its racket.  It wasn’t a rock.  It was a perfect egg that had the color and weight

Corporate Nutrition Lesson # 11:

Fast Healthy Complete Meal Replacement for Busy Lifestyles-Part 3

  OK my friend, I have something very special for you.  In the past few blogs we have focused on healthy and tasty meals that you can create quickly and easily even if you have a constantly on the go lifestyle. My requirements for these meals are that they must be unprocessed– meaning there is no added sugar, salt, fat or oil. Also we want to stick to a plant based and gluten-free diet to sidestep

Silent Anger

Posted by Janet Pfeiffer on January 1, 2000
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In the late sixties, I married my high school sweetheart. He was a quiet person by nature so when we began having difficulties in our marriage and his response was one of silence I thought it was just his personality.  Little did I realize it was a manipulative technique that would eventually destroy my already fragile self-esteem. Remaining silent is a strategy employed by many in situations where conflict arises. Your boss lashes out at your entire department, criticizing their poor job performance in general. You’ve only been working for this company for two weeks and

Leadership Laughter

Posted by Mark Sorrels on January 1, 2000
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Here are a few valuable quotes from More important than talent, strength, or knowledge is the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams.  Amy Grant quotes  If you can’t laugh at yourself, then how can you laugh at anybody else? I think people see the human side of you when you do that. Payne Stewart quotes     You grow up the day you have

Ducks, dishtowels, and doorbells: one wouldn’t think they’re connected to anger in any way. Cake, on  the other hand, is a no-brainer: when upset, eat some. Plain and simple. No one can be angry when  stuffing their mouths with a confectionary delight topped with butter cream icing and sugar roses. Yum! As tempting as it may sound to consume a sugary treat when angry that’s actually not what I’m suggesting. Let me explain. Anger is a feeling of powerlessness. Feeling helpless makes us feel weak and vulnerable. In an attempt to protect ourselves from harm, we

The Last Great Struggle for I was a teenager living in the in the South during the ‘60’s. It was the decade of the Vietnam and Cold Wars. It was also the decade of the Civil Rights Movement.

I saw stigma dressed in white robes and setting fire to tall crosses as white town’s people cheered. My contempt for stigma (today’s politically-correct word for discrimination) and denial of civil rights in any form was seared into my psyche, if not my soul. As Americans matured and we reached some degree