Corporate Nutrition Lesson #3:  Top 7 Ways to Make Healthy Food That Tastes Really, Really Good!   Part I

Author:  Dr. Steve

The Problem There are literally hundreds of delicious healthy and nutritious whole foods available on the planet.  However, unless you know how to identify, locate and prepare them you are likely to become one of those folks that say “You know…Healthy food just doesn’t taste that good to me”. But hold on-you don’t want to give up on the body temple just yet!   Do you really want to resort to

No business is too big or too small to feel the economic impact of untreated mental illness. The economic price tag of mental illness in the workplace is skyrocketing.  A recent report puts the price at up to $80 billion in the United States. This figure includes medical costs, costs from lost productivity due to long-term and short-term disability, and costs to quality of life. Mental illnesses have surpassed heart disease as the fastest-growing, costliest disabilities in the country. Early intervention and treatment makes dollars and “sense.” For example, when workers get early access to treatment, companies can save $5,000

Arthur T. Demoulas, known as Artie T, believed it was his job to take care of people and drive corporate performance.  As a consequence of his servant leadership style, he helped Demoulas Supermakets, Inc (Market Basket) achieve an annual revenue of $4.6 billion, of which $1 billion in profits were returned to shareholders between 2000-2010, and a 6th best chain rating in the U.S. Corporate climate depends on a number of personalities in the organization and is a reflection of how employees think and feel about their organization.  As people come and go, changes in attitude occur. When leaders

When I was in high school girls could not wear pants. The only time that I cut class was to join a sit-in with girls in my sophomore class in a protest that eventually led to all of our class leaving the school campus to go to the park across the street. I can still hear the principal on her bull horn threatening all of us to return to school or we would all receive pinks slips. Now understand this was an accelerated all girls college-prep high school of about 3,000 students. These girls didn’t get pink slips and were

Early on in the series of events surrounding the shooting in Ferguson, MO, I noticed an exchange between the Governor and the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney that caught my attention.  Almost from the onset, there was discussion about this Prosecuting Attorney, Robert McCulloch, recusing himself or being removed from the case, some of which was fueled by Governor Jay Nixon. When Nixon declared a state of emergency on Saturday (Aug. 16th), that gave him the authority to remove McCulloch from the case. McCulloch felt it was his responsibility to do his job and stated that from the beginning he

Corporate Nutrition Lesson # 5: Make Healthy Food That Tastes Really Good!  Part III

Author:  Dr. Steve Kineret

  And now the short answer please— Just tell me how to do it!   Part III:  Fitting Healthy and Tasty Meals into Your busy life Here is a sample recipe for making Dr. Steve’s Best in the West Fresh Salsa The benefits of this recipe are that you can satisfy all of the objectives of Eating Healthy and Tasty Meals quickly and easily and if you have a restrictive schedule, you can

Mental Health and Productivity

Are Your Employees Present and Accounted For?

Whether it’s a bad cold or a hang-over, we’ve all gone to work when we were sick.  It’s called “presenteeism,” which is the opposite of absenteeism.   Productivity suffers when an employee works while sick, doesn’t it? What about the employee who is mentally ill and does not disclose or seek help out of fear of discrimination or even termination? Corporate knowledge of improved marketing strategies and technology grows at the speed of light, but knowledge of the psychology of human performance and

There are two significant advantages to empowering employees.  They include:

  1. The growth and development of the employee, and
  2. The ability of the leader to accomplish so much more.

5 of the Top 10 Ways to Empower Your Staff

  1. Set the example; in every area. Your team will follow if you lead.
  2. Delegate and empower others. Everyone learns best by doing.
  3. Create enough space for individuals to make mistakes and grow. Step in only when safety is a concern or a potential gross misuse of resources.
  4. Teach others to accept responsibility, but develop trust by maintaining overall

Digital vs Analog thinking: an issue for perfectionist

I am working with a number of perfectionist clients at the moment. All have different reasons for how they came to believe they needed to be this way. as you may know if you have read me over time I deal mostly in solutions rather than in causes.

Top 3 Actions to Take to Prevent or Recover from Cancer

-The Short Answer:

1.  Eat 3 cups of  chopped fresh vegetables, 2 pieces of medium sized fruit,  and drink 4-6 glasses of water EVERY DAY! THAT MEANS EAT A BIG-OLE MIXED SALAD AND/OR GREEN DRINK OR RAW FRUIT EVERYDAY AND YOU ARE GOOD TO GO. 2.  Stop eating and drinking processed and multi-ingredient foods and drinks- THAT MEANS AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE CONSUMING ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES FIRST OPENING A PACKAGE, BAG, CAN, BOTTLE, OR CARTON! 3.  PLEASE