A sharp, young officer arrives to his first assignment and as is the case in Army Aviation, he becomes the platoon leader for a unit that operates up to five helicopters and crews. In flight school, he excelled and demonstrated all of the technical competence expected for a new aviator.  After a couple of months of his arrival, his unit goes on a training exercise and he is given his first taste of leading his unit. His boss pairs him with a seasoned pilot, but he doesn’t yet understand why. Upon notice of the first mission, he dutifully goes alone

Did you know: That having Drive and Determination to overcome obstacles and challenges can be learned! Many believe that only a certain persona can overcome challenges in life.  Only certain persona can build successful businesses or have great relationships.  It’s just not so!  Developing mental and emotional muscles that are used to build courage and fearlessness takes daily, focused work. You can have Drive and Determination to overcome and achieve what you desire! The key is how.  That’s the gap that most of us are faced with.  This becomes our challenge, which for many becomes a wall.  Developing the courage

They all complained about the daily gossip that ran rampant among them. Every one participated in it yet ironically no one could understand why they would be targeted. In the fifteen years I worked at the battered women’s shelter, both staff and residents criticize those who engaged in rumors while also being the first to initiate the next juicy scandal. Any one of them could have had a successful career as a reporter for the National Inquirer. However, should their ears heed disparaging words about themselves, all hell would break loose. A verbal confrontation could easily turn physical. Is it

Forgiveness: so many misconceptions and misunderstandings; so many who believe forgiveness is reserved for a chosen few or must be preceded with an apology. Still others feel at times that it is impossible or worse, that there are those not deserving of its graces. And so they suffer…all of them, when healing is clearly within their reach. Please take a moment and reflect on a letter from the Father expressing the importance and necessity of His sacred gift of forgiveness.

A Letter From God With Love

My dear children, When I created you, I gave you the gift of

Is your Life Ambition to be GM of the Year?

Great Sports Teams have always had great General Managers. Is your life ambition to be GM of the year? The metaphor of a sports team “GM” really is about the people who build teams from the ground up. The sometimes need to retool teams on a budget. Most of the time though they are handed a team and they have to make it work with only a few changes. That is the sign of a great GM. And most of the times these great ones understand how to

Servant Leadership Training – No Such Thing as Equal Treatment

  One of my favorite leadership books is a follow-on to the One Minute Manager, where Ken Blanchard, along with Patricia and Drea Zigarmi address situational leadership in Leadership and the One Minute Manager. A servant leader understands that every one of us has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses; sometimes, we need more direction, other times, less.  Situational leadership recognizes the different abilities an individual may demonstrate from task to task, as well as varying levels of development among players within a team. A servant leader understands these

How to prepare your mind for competition and success

When it comes to getting ready for competition, your mental preparation means more than you might realize. I often call this the “game within the game.” If you have been a competitive athlete at all in your life, you can probably recall a time when your mental state caused you to perform better or worse. What you might not realize, however, is that you can achieve peak performance more consistently through mental preparation. As a sport psychology consultant and mental trainer, I often ask athletes to consider the best and

Management tells the workforce that change is important. They invest millions in new equipment and systems – that’s change for the infrastructure. They send people to training for new equipment and systems – that’s change for the people involved. They send the management team to leadership training and watch for different behaviors, but sometimes management interaction doesn’t change like management hoped. Why not? Often management teams expect change but do not give themselves permission to change – to really “be” different. Being different may mean taking on a new personality – one that responds differently to problems, one that changes

“I’m a victim of domestic violence.” That’s one phrase you’ll never hear emanating from my mouth. Even though I spent three years engaged to marry someone who verbally and physically abused me, I never once entertained the thought of myself as a victim. Perhaps it’s because I define a victim as one without power. True, in some circumstances we are unprepared or momentarily ill-equipped to protect ourselves from the unexpected disturbances life presents us. Driving home from work along the same roads you’ve traversed for the past ten years you’re suddenly broadsided by a

Can you describe one of the main obstacles that seem to keep most entrepreneurs stuck?  As I see it not only as a Coach, but having experienced it personally, its being or getting FOCUSED on what I’m trying to achieve through my talk, seminar or service.  I know that most of us want to serve the greater good.  We see the big picture.  The problem for most of us is that our audiences don’t!  They are looking for specific solutions.  As a student of personality types or what some may call our “nature” I have become more aware that certain