Sexual harassment permeates our culture.  Even the Centers For Disease Control has conducted extensive studies on the topic because it is pandemic, and does not seem to show any signs of slacking off. On the contrary, we are witnessing the meltdown of an ethos that has guided the American governmental, and business enterprises for generations.  Not that scandal of a sexual nature was not present in the business world, it was however, carefully hidden from public view.  The old system of hiding sexual harassment from the public has

Children of Divorce: The Angry Aftermath

Posted by Janet Pfeiffer on January 1, 2000
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Divorce is difficult for everyone. Even though children are resilient in many areas of life, divorce takes its toll on the youngest family members as well. While superficially they may appear to be fine, their internal struggles and turmoil are often hidden beneath an exterior of normalcy. 

Confusion, anger, hurt, frustration, fear, and anxiety are just some of the emotions children of divorce grapple with. They may be expressed as angry outbursts, moodiness, falling grades, truancy, defiance, self-destructive behaviors, isolation, promiscuity, and more. It is critical for parents to maintain open communication with them during this

Change is inevitable. It never stops. There is a quote that says, “The only thing that remains the same is change.” Why, then, do so many of us fear change in the workplace? Do we fear change or do we fear the unknown? Do we fear change or the possibility that we might fail? Do we fear change or the belief we will have to work harder? When introducing change to the workplace, most leaders meet a wall of resistance. Knowing what the wall is can help reduce or obliterate it. In order to assist your employees with the changes

Stress less to become your personal and professional best!  We can overcome most workplace stress. Learn the following tips and strategies to help create greater stress management/reduction for increased productivity, focus and  creativity in the workplace as well as improved health and happiness!  

  • Learn Relaxation Breathing and Mindful Meditation and practice daily.  There is a “spillover” effect!


  • Learn how cope with difficult colleagues by talking with an expert or attending a seminar regarding distinctions among communication and behavioral styles.


    Since the beginning of time, wars have been fought in an effort to bring about peace. Have we accomplished that yet? Maybe violence isn’t the answer.  I am a peace lover. Not only do I promote peaceful coexistence but I also live peacefully with others. I do not argue or fight; I do not promote or instigate dissension between family or friends; I am careful never to offend anyone and apologize quickly if I do. I have yet to meet anyone who loves  brutality or war yet I continually encounter those who


    Black Belt Leader as Visionary: Part Two 

    “A recent national study conducted by MSW Research placed the number of ‘fully engaged’ employees at 29%, and ‘disengaged’ employees at 26% – meaning nearly three-quarters of employees are not fully engaged (aka productive).” – Forbes               

    How many times have you introduced change to your team members and been met with resistance? What causes this resistance? FEAR There are many reasons why your team members react poorly to change.  The first one is fear. They have many fears, but the primary one is how the change is going to affect their job. Believe it or not, most people are self-centered. They are not company centered. They have to know what is in for them. How are they going to be affected? Will they still be able to succeed under the company adjustments? BEING LEFT OUT OF

      Workplace harmony is largely dependent on generational awareness training. Many Baby Boomers are delaying retirement and are working side by side young people young enough to be their children – or grandchildren. Have you heard many Baby Boomers are workaholics while younger workers may demand more of work -life balance?  There are distinctions in core values, behavioral, communication and lifestyles among the generations.  The solution for a growing number of companies is generational awareness or generation-gap training to help foster understanding and more effective communication among workers.  These trainings help foster communication and understanding across the generations. It is

    After Every Wedding There Is A Marriage

    Posted by Mark Sorrels on January 1, 2000
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    Having attended and officiated at dozens of weddings, I have come to a conclusion: after every wedding there is a marriage! Some get off to good starts while others begin amidst conflict and uncertainty. Some marriages are healthy and others are sick. Some marriages last a long time and many do not. But, no matter how you slice it; no matter if the wedding is at the courthouse or the church building, no matter if hundreds or thousands of dollars are spent, the end result is the same. After every wedding there is a marriage. What does

    How many times have you felt resistance from your group members when you introduced new technology, policies and procedures or a new supervisor? Why are your team members so resistant to change? They have many personal fears which prevent them from quickly adapting including:

    • Fear of the unknown.
    • Fear of failure.
    • Fear of success.
    • Fear of loss.
    • Fear of upsetting others.
    • Fear of losing their comfort zone.

    They are basically in the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) mode. This is exactly why you as a leader need to address their fears. They don’t care how